After nearly a year away from Sims 3…

I was on a total boycott of EA Games.  I unsubscribed from their email mailing lists even!  But recently my sister ended her boycott and started telling me all about Ambitions and Late Night…  She was having so much fun, and telling me all this great stuff, and reporting that her previously broken game works just fine as long as she avoids World Adventures things (travelling aspect).  So I caved in and tried Ambitions.  I started a new family and played in Twinbrook–which I promptly fell in love with–and I had no bug problems until I boldly attempted travel (and imploded a neighborhood instantly!  World destruction magic, that…)

But I tried again, with another new family and NO TRAVEL!  The ban on travel has proven to be the key to an enjoyable gaming experience, I see 😉  I’m now on the fourth generation of this family–although I took the 3rd generation half-sisters and moved them to Bridgeport when I got Late Night.  So I didn’t technically play proper Legacy style, but I don’t really trust the game to be stable enough for a true Legacy just yet.  I believe moving the family to a new neighborhood every few generations will help prevent the loss of the entire family.  So when I get three generations of Bridgeport done, perhaps the family will relocate to another place to protect their data.

I’m really having a great time playing with Ambitions and Late Night.  I had an inventory bug with Ambitions, but that was cured when I installed Late Night.  So far it has not returned, though it could.  I have an issue with a disappearing butler in Late Night, but I was able to keep him around by re-assigning his bed every day after he woke up in the morning.  Finally my sim married him, so now there is no more butler issue.  lol  I hope the issue gets patched soon, but at least I’ve been able to play around it just fine.

Anyways, I’m working on a new story that’s not really a Legacy, but sort of.  Stay tuned!

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3 Responses to After nearly a year away from Sims 3…

  1. blaze024 says:

    glad to see you back hunnie 🙂 and sorry for not beein in touch since last we spoke been rather busy I’m thinking of making a new legacy and scrapping the one I have already (got tired of it and decided not to update that legacy anymore tho who knows I might go back to it sometime in the future but for the time beeing I will start a new one 🙂

  2. blaze024 says:

    yeah pretty much been busy with real life stuff and such so how are things with you? and with your hubby?

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