The Frost Legacy: Prologue

I’m playing a new Legacy, but with modifications to the rules to suit my play style.  My sims are living in an apartment in Bridgeport instead of a vacant lot, and they are not CAS sims.  My new Legacy sims are actually 3rd generation sims from Twinbrook.  (I find it’s best to start a new game when I get a new expansion pack, so I moved the young adult and teen daughters out of the family home in Twinbrook and relocated them to Bridgeport.)  The sisters share a renovated apartment and will raise their children there.

Special rules for my Legacy: an heir must have celebrity status 3 or better, or be an extraordinary sim (such as vampire, ghost, time machine baby, etc).  Also, there must be one heir of each branch of the family living in the penthouse at all times, to keep the bloodlines of the sisters thriving.  There are no points other than lifetime happiness points my sims earn because I don’t care to count every little thing the family accomplishes.


Family History

The Frost family started out in Twinbrook.  The original founder was named Mai, and she was a famous architect.  Here’s some pics of her when she received the key to the city.

Mai’s husband was an eccentric inventor.  He was best known as the “mad bomber” of Twinbrook, and he also invented the time machine.  He took Mai on an adventure through time and they had a baby in the past.  Josephine was born in the middle ages and joined her family as a teen.

When Josephine grew up, she used the time machine to try to get some more clothes from the middle ages–and she ended up rescuing her younger self in the past.  She adopted the girl and raised her as her daughter, although it was another version of herself.  The new child was named Josie.

Here’s Josie as a teen.

Josephine married a firefighter named Andy.  Together, they had a daughter named Destiny.

When Josie aged up to young adult, she relocated to Bridgeport with Destiny.

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6 Responses to The Frost Legacy: Prologue

  1. blaze024 says:

    looking forward to how this is gonna turn out 🙂 I’m gonna start a new legacy aswell and like you alterations to the rules will be made and such as for when exactly I will start it I dunno when I have time I guess

    • enkeli63 says:

      I’m having a blast playing with the new ep’s–too bad World Adventures still doesn’t work for me. What kind of Legacy are you going to start?

  2. blaze024 says:

    dunno but it will probably be different from my last one and I will probably make use of ghosts aswell in the legacy

  3. blaze024 says:

    and tbh since ambitions I havent bothered with any of the WA stuff

    • enkeli63 says:

      I really enjoyed the new skills in WA, but now I have neighborhood breaking problems even if my sims just learn martial arts with the training dummy out of the buydebug menu. Maybe if I don’t cheat and I just have let learn by using books purchased from the consignment store, that might work 😉

  4. blaze024 says:

    perhaps or you could just drop the skills from WA and instead do the Ambitions ones like inventing and such I think the ambitons stuff are more fun than the WA ones and heh I know all about the penthouse thing been there done that 😛

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