Frost Legacy: The Second Generation Arrives


Josie and Bertram were married in a private ceremony, and they threw a party at the Brightmore to celebrate.  That party was truly epic–so much random puking, screaming and cheering!  The club was packed that night and everyone was having a blast.  Wogan Hemlock went skinny dipping in the hot tub (causing much of the uproar), and Bertram even danced on the counter!

Marrying Josie was the best thing that ever happened to Bertram, for many reasons.  Not only was she the greatest love of his life, but she was also a famous five star actress.  Bertram shared Josie’s lifetime wish of being rich and famous, and he became a three star celebrity during that awesome post-wedding bash!

Speaking of Wogan, Destiny invited her sweetheart over on his first day off after turning her into a vampire.  As soon as she saw him, she wished to be his wife.

She suggested that Wogan break up with his ugly wife, Morrigan, and he was thrilled to do it.  The rumours of his affair with Destiny had already ruined what marriage they had.  Destiny married Wogan and took the Hemlock family name.

Destiny and Morrigan became bitter enemies, and Morrigan constantly started nasty rumours about her.  For the most part, Destiny tried to ignore the pathetic hag.  Her new marriage to Wogan put them both in the limelight.  One night, Wogan was hired to dance at the Aquarius club at the same time Destiny was hired to promote a new drink at the Prosper Room.  As Wogan danced the night away with none other than his ex-wife (just making peace though; video), Destiny sat down to order and realized she felt like she could be pregnant.

She decided to play it safe and blew off the drink promotion.

By the next night, it was obvious to everyone that Destiny and Wogan were expecting.  Destiny’s pregnancy cravings were… killer!

Arianna finally grew into a toddler!

Destiny and Wogan had a baby boy, and he was named Sid.  Josie didn’t quite like Sid when she first met him; she felt hunted by the tiny baby, despite his helpless appearance.  Nonetheless, she helped take care of him because Destiny was so wonderful with Arianna.

Destiny regained her pre-pregnancy body effortlessly and was photographed everywhere she went.  She was a four star celebrity.

Josie was still at the top of stardom, but she continued working hard at her acting career and won several Simmy awards for her awesome, top rated films.

Damned elevator!

Bertram was getting to be famous as well.  He had only earned three stars by then, but that’s because he kept dreaming about becoming an astronaut and wishing to join the military.  So he was working hard every day, at ridiculously early hours, and he usually was too tired to party all night.

Josie got older, but Bertram still adored her and he wished to have another baby with her.  He got his wish, and they welcomed baby David into the family shortly after Sid became a toddler.


p.s. No, David doesn’t have horns–babies look weird since adding Late Night…?!

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  1. blaze024 says:

    cute kids and love the legacy so far dont stop now hun keem em coming

    • enkeli63 says:

      I probably wont have time to post an update over the holiday weekend, but there have been some incredibly dramatic developments!! I took a LOT of snapshots 😉

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