Frost Legacy: Untimely Death

Wogan’s lifetime wish was to become a master thief, and he worked so hard at it while keeping his family tightly bonded.  He spent all of his free time with his wife and young son, but on occasion he went out with his best friend from work.

Everything was going along so well, but accidents happen…

NO!!!!!!  Not Wogan!!!!!

His loved ones had to look away.  It was a terrible scene!  Poor Destiny… although, the untimely death of her beloved husband instantly propelled her to five star celebrity status.  She mourned the loss of her husband so deeply, and could not drown her sorrows with drink.

Josie took care of the arrangements and they had a private funeral for Wogan.  Out of respect, Josie invited Morrigan to the service.  She showed up, but refused to come inside and be in the presence of her most hated enemy.

Wogan’s best friend, Alexander French, was the only guest who paid proper respect to him during his funeral.

He smelled quite delicious!

“Oh, Destiny…” Bertram sighed as he watched her wipe Alexander’s blood from her chin.  Good thing she was such a doll, and everyone loved her!

Other than the terribly sad death, things were going pretty well.  Josie and Bertram partied harder than ever after Bertram became a top gun.

The kids were doing great.  Arianna and Sid were best friends and played together all the time.

David grew into a toddler and looked so much like his daddy.

Destiny spent a lot of time with her new best friend, Alexander.  They danced and talked, and he was more than happy to let her have a drink of his plasma whenever she wanted.  She was lonely though, and she wrote two novels pining over Wogan.

She was so happy when she heard a creepy sound and looked up from her computer in time to see Wogan’s ghost coming down the stairs.  She embraced him and kissed him and promised that she’d never let go of him.

The next evening, Josie became a superstar actress and won a Simmy.  Her lifetime wish was fulfilled.

Destiny went out for a jog and really enjoyed the fresh night air.  Her visit from Wogan was exactly what she needed to pull her out of her prolonged mourning.

Damned elevator!

Destiny felt dreadful… could it be?

Josie was mysteriously nauseous that night as well, so no one could be sure if there was another baby on the way or what.  But after another night, she was definitely showing.  That night happened to be Arianna’s birthday!

Josie and Destiny took her clubbing for her first time on her birthday.  It was the best girls’ night ever.

Destiny made another new friend also, his name was Clayton Pool and he was a spectacular dancer.  She announced her pregnancy to him with such pride, then took her fill of his blood!

Clayton was happy to help a pregnant woman, but someone told the papparazzi.  Destiny decided to swing by the newspaper office before going home, and she paid off the publisher to put the scandal on Morrigan Hemlock!

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3 Responses to Frost Legacy: Untimely Death

  1. blaze024 says:

    hehe figgured she would do that love the chapter 🙂 looking forward to the next one and I will start my legacy later today so be sure to read it 🙂

  2. enkeli63 says:

    I’m looking forward to checking out your new Legacy!!

    I’m sure loving the Ambitions/Late Night additions to the game 🙂 In my last legacy I wrote about the maid photographing the family at home and selling the pics to the tabloids–but I was just using my active imagination. Now it really does happen!

    I’m looking forward to showing you what happened next. Too bad I don’t really have time to post a new chapter when my hubby is home from work. (He’s working hard for his promotion, you see, and we gotta make the most of the time we have together 😉 ) Anyways, on Tuesday for sure I will post at least one update.

  3. blaze024 says:

    thats understandable 🙂 and I would be the same if I was in your shoes so dont worry 🙂 post when you got time

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