Frost Legacy: Blood Feud Erupts

Willow seemed to grow up so fast!  Already it was time for another birthday bash.  A lot of people showed up to celebrate, including Clayton (the guy Destiny fed off of at the Brightmore when she was pregnant).  He surprised everyone when he jumped up on the kitchen counter and started dancing wildly!

“Mmmm… you taste like birthday cake tonight, baby!”

Clayton hung out well after the party ended, but Josie had a blast dancing with him.

Destiny decided to say goodnight to him, and have a little nibble too…  RAR!

Willow will probably take after her mother–she’s always hungry and carrying on as if she was starving!

Things were going well, and Destiny had managed to keep herself out of the tabloids for quite a while after deflecting the public biting scandal onto Morrigan Hemlock.  Of course, an evil witch like Morrigan doesn’t learn a lesson so easily, and she started another rumour about Destiny.  This time she lied and claimed Destiny was rummaging through garbage!

Destiny was unable to deflect the scandal this time, and she decided to just brush it off and be the better person–err, vampire.  She accompanied Bertram to the Banzai Lounge when he had a drink promotion to do.

It didn’t bother her so much when the bartender insulted her and charged her extra for her drink, but when another patron stood up and started booing her, Destiny had had enough!

She headed straight for Morrigan’s apartment, despite the very late hour.  She looked so innocent…

Morrigan was a rather stupid woman, because when her bitter enemy buzzed her in the middle of the night, she just said, “Oh sure, come on up!”  Then she stood and waited.

Destiny went straight at her, shouting about the stupid lies she was telling.  Morrigan replied, “It’s all your fault that Wogan is dead!  It’s not enough you stole him from me; you had to let him die too!”

That was too much.

She kicked Morrigan’s butt, then warned her to keep her ugly mouth shut for a change.   As she stood over her enemy, something snapped in her.  Perhaps it was that cold vampiric blood…

She mocked Morrigan’s ambitions.

“The only one digging through trash around here is you, Gutter Pig!”  She beat Morrigan up again.

Then she did the unthinkable…

Morrigan just watched and stood there like an idiot.

With lightning speed, Destiny ran from the room, escaping the blast and gaining even more star status for blowing up the most hated person in Bridgeport!

Morrigan cursed her and began plotting some kind of revenge.  “This isn’t over yet!” she promised.

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  1. Oh my gosh! This is the best one yet!!!

    • enkeli63 says:

      I’m glad you liked it! When I was playing and this happened, it was funny and exciting for me 😛 So randomly dramatic. lol

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