Frost Legacy: Conspiracy

The news of Destiny’s brutal attack on Morrigan Hemlock didn’t have a chance to spread around town before Morrigan sought her revenge.  No one could guess what she was thinking or why she came by the morning after.  Josie let Morrigan in, but was offended by her stench.

Josie forgot all about Morrigan when the carpool arrived.  She was super psyched about the new movie she was starring in.  It was her first time playing a super villain, and she decided to wear the cool costume for a night on the town.

That night, Morrigan didn’t show up for work and her daughter, Belisama, had begun telling people about the fight and explosion.  Josie and her family were photographed as they partied together, though some would later speculate that this was intentionally done to create an alibi for the older members of the family.

Rumours started flying around that night, but Josie rushed over to the court house to get an emergency injunction to prevent the publication of certain sensitive information.  The records of the lawsuit were sealed.

David had a quiet birthday celebration–everyone was laying low to avoid the heat of public scrutiny.

Josie started getting nervous and paranoid after she was questioned by police investigating Morrigan’s disappearance.

Some quality time with her husband helped her put her mind at ease for a little while.  She remained paranoid until after Sid’s birthday party.

Later that night, Destiny went to Alexander’s place for the first time.  She wanted to move their relationship to the next level.

He gasped in pain when she sunk her fangs into his neck, and he felt as if his blood was fire in his veins.  “You’ll be with me forever,” Destiny whispered.

When Alexander’s transformation was complete, Destiny took him and Sid out to teach them how to hunt.  Alexander didn’t waste effort on mind control or attempting to look pretty–he was just blood thirsty and slightly creepy.

There was a surprise waiting for Destiny when she got home that night.


Destiny was shocked, but overjoyed to see the ghost of Gutter Pig herself!  Destiny cheered, then decided to torment her dead enemy.  She snuck up on the ghost and scared it.

The ghost was driven away, but how much longer could the truth be kept hidden?

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