Frost Legacy: No Shortage of Scandals

Sid was officially “the man of the house” while Bertram was away.  After a slight mishap with the time machine and a very lucky recovery from a time-space distortion, Sid kept his cool and went on like nothing happened.  He hid the time machine away in the family storage.

When Bertram returned from his first mission to the space station, he was totally exhausted and rather stinky.

Always a gentleman, Bertram decided to quickly change out of that smelly space suit.  Then he succumbed to exhaustion.

The poor guy was only a block away from home, but he just couldn’t make it!  Of course this embarrassing incident hit the gossip mill before dinner time, and photos of Bertram’s disgrace were plastered all over the internet.  The rumour was that Bertram peed himself and passed out, but it was only half true.

When Willow had her birthday, her disfigured half-sister, Belisama did show up for the party like she promised.  She seemed like a friendly vampire, unlike her nasty mother.  Willow was a cute child, but she was afflicted with a strange deformity and always looked like she had blood on her chin.

Anyways… Destiny was starting to get concerned about her relationship with Alexander when he didn’t show up for Willow’s birthday.  He had also been refusing to talk to her when she phoned him.  One evening she raided the grocery store for fresh plasma fruit…

Alexander happened to be passing by as shoppers ran out of the store screaming.  Destiny spotted him as she came out and immediately confronted him, asking, “What’s wrong with you, Alexander?  Do you have a bug in your shorts or something?”

“Uh… no,” he stammered.  He continued to act aloof before taking off at top vampire speed.

Destiny shrugged it off and headed home.

Damned elevator!

Bertram quickly got to work trying to restore his reputation and convince people that he really was an all right guy.

Finally one of the writers from the newspaper revealed her source for the embarrassing story was none other than Alexander French.  No wonder he was acting so weird.

Josie started feeling anxious about getting old and feared that she would lose all her adoring fans.  She started spending a lot of time in front of the mirror.

That’s what inspired Rosemarie to be bolder than ever and prompted her to ask for an autograph while praising Josie for her beauty and talent.  Josie signed the autograph and asked Rosemarie to be a special guest at her upcoming birthday party.

Somewhere in between shrieking “oh my god” and “I love you so much,” Rosemarie said she’d be there and promised that Josie wouldn’t regret it.

Josie looked so sad on her birthday.  Her friends and family members (other than David and Willow, who were too young for clubs) gathered around to watch her blow out her candles.  Rosemarie was there too, with a delicate flower in her hair.

Josie wished to never get old.

Too bad her wish didn’t come true.

Alexander was spotted at Josie’s party.  Destiny talked to him first and forgave him for what he’d done.  Then Bertram approached him to talk things through and he again made a run for it.

The party continued without him.  Arianna and Sid were sent home before curfew, and Destiny went home around midnight.  She was feeling upset because one of the paparazzi at the party told her she was getting “chunky.”

“Wogan!” she exclaimed when she walked into the kitchen and saw her beloved reading one of her novels.

She ignored her terrible thirst for plasma because she hadn’t seen Wogan in years.  She couldn’t hold back her love for him for one second.

Josie wasn’t impressed by Destiny’s behaviour because she thought it was a cruel betrayal of Alexander.  Destiny didn’t care who saw her or what they thought about it though.

Sid was thrilled to see his dad again, but he sure felt awkward.  Look at the face he made!

Speaking of goofy faces…

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    lol who wouldnt be smiling like that if they got to lie next to a pretty girl I know I would 😉 keep the story coming babe

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