Frost Legacy: The Burden of Truth

The day after Josie’s birthday party, she received a strange package in the mail from Rosemarie, her obsessed fan.  Rosemarie didn’t come back to work for the family, but she sent a replacement maid named Norma Brandon, who looked like a clone of Rosemarie.  No one ever saw Rosemarie again.  Inside the strange box were some disturbing photos of the death of Morrigan Hemlock; the only evidence that could prove Josie’s guilt.

A note with the pictures explained where Rosemarie hid the remains.  Destiny was entrusted with the box of photos and Morrigan’s remains.  At the time, Destiny was quite upset about recent comments about her weight.  She decided to go jogging and get rid of the remains of her enemy (although she kept the awesome photos and decorative box they came in).

She got passed the paparazzi camped outside their apartment and jogged across the city to the graveyard.  She dumped Morrigan’s remains and checked to see if she was still fat.

Thankfully she did notice the oncoming paparazzi in time to protect herself.  She quickly read the reporter’s mind and used her mind control powers to keep him from realizing what she was up to.

He wrote about the sporty outfit Destiny was wearing and excused her for her recent weight gain.  He added that it’s better to see Bridgeport’s favourite vampiress “soft and squishy around the edges” than to have her die of thirst like Morrigan!

Meanwhile, Arianna was spotted by paparazzi behind their apartment.  She was obviously admiring their close family friend.  Although she was still a teen, Arianna was already a four star celebrity and Clayton was about to become famous.

Arianna developed a very obvious crush on Clayton, despite their difference in age.  The next morning, she coloured her hair to look hotter for him and invited him over to hang out.

Bertram wasn’t at all impressed about this development!  He told Arianna to go do her homework, and then he asked Clayton, “What are you up to with my daughter?  She’s a good girl!”

“Oh I know, she totally brightens my day,” Clayton replied, not realizing what Bertram meant.

“Don’t let me hear that your relationship with Arianna has become scandalous!” he warned.

Finally it was Bertram’s birthday!  Everybody dressed up nice, and Alexander came by to celebrate.

Although Bertram had forgiven him for the cruel rumour he started, Alexander was clearly feeling awkward during the party.

Everyone could feel the tension in the air, and Bertram was glad that he had to rush out to work in the middle of the party.

Alexander also left the party early, but after dark he called Destiny and asked her to meet him in a private location.  She felt uneasy as she drove out to Bogaard Overlook.

Alexander was waiting for her and he didn’t look one bit happy.

“I have a feeling Wogan’s been around,” he said as soon as she was close enough to hear him.  “I want you to know I understand.  He was your husband, and the one who gave you the blessed bite.

“But I can’t be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love me.”

Destiny swore she did love him, but he wouldn’t listen.  “Are you breaking up with me?” she wondered.

He told her, “I’m giving you a break to figure out what you really want.  If you want to be with me, then I want us to get married and I need you to let go of Wogan forever.  So you think it over real hard, but don’t take too long because I wont wait forever.”

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