Frost Legacy: Love Matters

Destiny sought out her older half-sister for advice the next day.  She confessed to feeling torn by Alexander’s ultimatum.  Josie insisted that Alexander had every right to ask her to make a choice.  “But how can I choose?” Destiny questioned.  “I love Wogan, and I didn’t choose for him to die.  Don’t I deserve a tiny bit of happiness?”

Unfortunately, Josie had to go to work, but promised to talk about it some more when she got home.  Josie wanted to continue her acting career, and hoped she could pull together an amazing cast for a new blockbuster movie.  She headed down to the studio and began auditions.

Belisama Hemlock turned up for the open casting call, despite the intense sunshine beaming down on Bridgeport that afternoon.  Josie witnessed an unprovoked attack!

A bouncer showed up but didn’t intervene, and Belisama was beaten pretty badly.  Josie felt sorry for her and invited her to audition for the movie, while the elderly bully snapped a cellphone photo.

Belisama surprised Josie with a silly voice and a strange little dance.

Josie really had to thank Belisama for that bit of random hilarity.

At the same time, David was anxious about his upcoming birthday and his future.  He asked his older sister, “Are you going to get married to Clayton after your birthday?  Willow told me that if you or Destiny get married, someone will have to move out.”

Arianna tried to avoid the subject, telling David that she wasn’t sure what would happen after her birthday.  She secretly wished that David would leave and she could marry Clayton though.

The same topic was discussed at length between the adults that night.  Destiny wanted the opportunity to be married but Josie and Bertram argued for Arianna’s right to have a family.  The three of them were able to agree that regardless of future marriages, David should move out early.

David was loved, don’t get me wrong, but he was the least popular member of the household.  No one liked it when he tromped around the house in his underwear, and no one really wanted to see him produce offspring down the road either.

They threw a big bash for David’s birthday.  Destiny was looking fabulous again.

David aged up to teenager, but he was definitely upstaged by Clayton!

Arianna tried not to stare like a love-sick puppy, but most of Bridgeport already knew she was crazy about him.  That night, Arianna was dreaming about a happy life with Clayton when Wogan began haunting and possessed her computer.

She called for her aunt, “He’s here!  He’s here!”  Destiny ran to her love, and Arianna stepped out of the room.

“Can you ever forgive me for being with another man?” she asked him.

He embraced her and said, “I only left to give you a chance to move on.  I wanted you to be happy, but I came back because he was treating you wrong.”

*sigh*  Wogan!

Destiny and Wogan went upstairs.  After some time, Josie overheard Destiny giggle and say, “I love it when you make spooky noises!”

“Not cool, Destiny!” she grumbled.  “Not cool at all…”

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