Frost Legacy: Signs of the Apocalypse

David was hurried out of the house and told to get a job.  The concerns of him spreading his genes around were mitigated by a strange epidemic of infertility that was squeezing the life out of Bridgeport.  It was one of the many Signs of the Apocalypse.

Another ominous sign was the stealthy woohoo Destiny and Wogan engaged in after being publicly disgraced…

That was just strange!

Clayton had spent the night after having such a great time at Arianna’s birthday–but he slept in David’s old bed.  In the morning, he couldn’t resist popping into Arianna’s room to see her even though it was their wedding day.  (Yes, so soon!)

They were both so enthusiastic about the wedding, but Clayton said he had to stop by his place to freshen up and pack his things.  Later that afternoon, the guests arrived and began celebrating.  Elvira declared it “the wedding of the century.”

Everyone was so happy, and Destiny was inspired to write another romance novel.

When everyone congratulated the newlyweds, Josie and Bertram made it perfectly clear that they wished for a grandchild to be born as soon as possible.  Clayton and Arianna talked it over and decided they would excuse themselves from the party and go try for a baby.

That’s when David demonstrated how annoying he truly was–he just had to interrupt right then to ask for his sister’s autograph.  Really, David?!

The following day, two maids showed up for work.  Rosemarie’s clone was there, and she had been coming to work every day.  She generally worked hard and did a decent job cleaning the place, although she rarely charged a fee.  Of course, when another maid showed up and worked equally hard, they both charged their usual fee!

It all seemed harmless enough, and no one was particularly alarmed by these strange occurences.  Later in the evening, Arianna found out she was pregnant.  Bertram went out to brag around town about his grandchild on the way.

Arianna wanted to learn how to do club dancing, so she went to the Grind with Clayton and invited Destiny to tag along (since it seemed Wogan wouldn’t appear that night, Destiny was just waiting around for him and looked lonely).

It was already very late when they got back home, but the second Destiny stepped out of the elevator, Wogan appeared in the livingroom.

Everyone loves it when Wogan is around!  Destiny danced with him.

They danced until they were both completely exhausted, and Wogan was yanked back into his urn in the bedroom up above.

Clayton and Arianna were both dreaming about their unborn baby.  Such sweet dreams… but when Arianna woke up, she was sucked into oblivion and held captive there for nearly thirty minutes!  She was horrified when she finally rematerialized in her bedroom.  At that point it was quite obvious that something wasn’t right with the matrix, and the clone maid was the top suspect.

Arianna headed straight to the maid and fired her, shouting, “Get out of my house, you buggy witch!”

When they realized that they were both brave, it somehow froze them in time.  As strange circles appeared beneath their feet, Josie yelled for her nephew.  “Sid… time machine… help!”

Sid is a true hero, and he risked his life for his family.  Clearly, things didn’t work out so well.  Sid failed and everyone found themselves outside the apartment, evenly spaced.

What could they do other than try to go on like nothing happened?  Josie was stressed out and needed a drink.  Arianna headed to the spa for a soothing massage, while Sid and Willow headed upstairs to work on their novels.  Bertram decided to train Clayton and help him get ahead in his sports career.

Destiny decided to head up to her room and rest while the sun was still shining.



Destiny gasped as he embraced her.  She couldn’t believe her eyes, and she touched his face, wondering, “You’re alive?!”

“Oh my god!”  Destiny almost cried, she was so happy.

Wogan scooped her up in his strong arms.

Destiny said, “Screw you, EA!  I’m keeping him!”

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8 Responses to Frost Legacy: Signs of the Apocalypse

  1. blaze024 says:

    LOL gotta love the ending “screw you EA I’m keeping him” nice touch that 🙂 and its good to see ol Wogan back in the saddle so to speak 🙂 hopefully he wont die so easily this time

    • enkeli63 says:

      I’m glad you liked that! I’m a teeny bit scared to play my game because I don’t want to lose Wogan again. 🙂 When the problems happened, I tried reloading an earlier save and encountered an error code 12. So then I took my sims and their lot to a new Bridgeport… I see my paintings have disappeared from the house (yet leave an odd stain on the wall–see bedroom pics above where the painting used to be ?? ) It’s freaky. But I’m going to risk it and keep going because Wogan’s alive!!!! 😀

  2. blaze024 says:

    its odd that you keep having problems with the game when I have none after I got ambitions the only bother I have is that the game lags from time to time but cept that I have no problems what so ever and who can blame you wogan is pure awsomeness 🙂 I wouldnt want to stop playing either if I had a cute guy like that in my game (for my cute sim ladies I mean lol)

    • enkeli63 says:

      And he talks weird 🙂 I guess he’s Chinese? I never played with Chinese sims enough to recognize their lingo, but Wogan talks weird and I like it! I couldn’t believe he died when I just got him–and I didn’t reload because it’s a Legacy… I was going to bring him back as a ghost and even stole all the urns of other dead sims in order to boost my chances of getting the “Oh My Ghost” opportunity to pop up.

      Anyways, I played again for one sim day but my graphics card is dying. It’s now displaying artifacts and it will not survive. I have to wait until the new laptop arrives–and with any luck, I will no longer have serious problems. I know I pushed the game too hard there (2 birthdays, a sim moving out and another moving in, a break up, a wedding, a pregnancy and a ghost who apparently was trying to come out) which is known to cause error code 12. It’s my own fault–but some of these issues are probably related to laptop death throes.

  3. blaze024 says:

    by the way the blog has been updated

  4. blaze024 says:

    ever since I got ambitons I have not had a single error with ghosts or anything for that matter why I dont know but after installing it the problems just whent away and havent had once since and hope I wont have one the only problem is those pesky meteors that keep bugging Misizu lol other than that everything is a ok

  5. blaze024 says:

    its a 1% chance of getting one if your outside or if you use the telescope there are however mods that increase that % by 100%

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