Frost Legacy: Happy Holidays (Part One)

Christmas is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for a Legacy sim.  The penthouse was decorated for the holidays,with special gifts under the tree, and the family began preparing for some extensive partying.  Everyone got dressed up in festive outfits.

The first party of the season was Destiny and Wogan’s second wedding.  There are a lot of new faces in Bridgeport, and Destiny invited half of them to the party.  Unfortunately Josie ignored her invitation even though she loves parties and knew about the wedding in advance.

The bride and groom got the party started while the guests shuffled around in the doorway until they could figure out how to get into the apartment.  Clayton was already a bit tipsy from drinks in the afternoon, and he had a great time dancing by himself.

Finally the guests were inside, and everyone gathered around to watch the wedding.

What a beautiful ceremony!  Unfortunately, Willow was preoccupied with her insecurities and wondered if she looked like a llama.

Sid freaked out a little over his holiday clothes, and he felt humiliated.  He was the first member of the family to grace the front page of the tabloids though.

“Woo!  Let’s dance!” Destiny cheered.

Willow was photographed several times during the party and she developed a few new admirers.

The spirit of the holidays filled the home with love and joy.  The wedding party was a roaring blast, and everyone had an amazing time.  The next morning, Sid and Willow practiced their dance moves.  They wanted to get loads of positive attention from the paparazzi when they went out clubbing later.

Clayton decided to stay home and take care of baby Shane while the others went out dancing.  As they waited for the elevator at the Brightmore, Arianna said, “Hey, since we’re all dressed up, we should go carolling!”

“We can’t go carolling because we don’t know any songs,” Destiny pointed out.

Wogan is a loner and he wanted to leave the group as soon as they got downstairs.  He complained, “There’s too many people here!”  Destiny sweet talked him into staying and dancing with her for a while.  Bertram was hanging out in the VIP section of the club, but he was on his own again.

Wogan decided to leave and reminded the kids not to stay out too late.  “Pace yourselves,” he told them, “there’s still lots of partying to be done!”

The following morning, Arianna started the party quite early.  Willow wanted to make unique drink recipes to delight her family with.

“Don’t take my picture!” Arianna shouted at her husband.  She finished her drink and went back for another.

“Can’t she hear the baby crying?” Willow wondered.  Arianna seemed oblivious and her niece took care of Shane.

*Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time*

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