Screenshots From Lucky Palms

I’ve been enjoying the new town, Lucky Palms, since it was released!  I’m working on a new story, but I thought I would share some screenshots from the town.  I’d love to hear what you think of them!  Some of these shots will appear in my next story, so I’ll try not to post any “spoiler pics” 😉

Please do not repost any of these screenshots without permission.  Thank you!

Hot Air Balloon over Lucky Palms

A Fountain

Lucky Palms at Night

Waterfalls at Night

Moon Over Lucky Palms

Moon Setting

Pre-Dawn Lucky Palms

Sunrise in Lucky Palms

A Wild Horse

Kissing a Frog from the Wishing Well

Shady Sims doing Shady Things

A Romantic Date in the Park

Sims Watching the Sunset

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peek!  I’m currently working on building some new community lots and Showtime venues for Lucky Palms.  I will share some of the lots as soon as they’re finished.

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