The Sims 3 Store and Gifting

I need to get something off my chest, and I thought posting it here in my private corner of the web would be the best.  I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings–just to express my own hurt feelings!

So the Sims 3 Store has a feature that you can gift items to other users.  I love that feature and I make use of it whenever I can.  In May I hosted a contest for redecorating a sim-replica of the apartment my husband and I just bought.  I gifted the winners and participants in the contest because it was a lot of fun and everyone deserved a little something for making it such a great experience.  That was a wonderful thing and everyone who received a surprise gift from me thanked me.

Then the Sims 3 Store put a lot of items on sale before the launch of Lucky Palms.  I waited until the new world was released (because they wouldn’t announce the price beforehand) and then after I bought the world and a couple things for myself, I went on a gifting spree.  I hit as many of my sims friends as I could because I wanted to share some happiness with as many as possible. 

Sadly, 90% of the people I gifted never bothered to say thank you on my Sims 3 MyPage or in the forums 😦  One of my friends probably hasn’t been online yet to see the gift, but all the others have been.  What really bothered me is that one friend took the time to post about someone gifting them the new world and didn’t take the time to thank me for the gifts I sent.  It made me feel really bad.  Sure, I could’ve gifted one person with a very expensive gift like a world or a massive set, but I chose to spread it around amongst as many people as possible.  Does that make my gift less worthy of thanks??  Personally, I am always thrilled to receive a gift–big or small.  This experience made me think twice about gifting, and I’ve decided that I wont gift anyone unless they actually interact with me beforehand.  I wont gift people who ask for gifts and I wont gift people who are ungrateful.

I still plan on gifting because it’s fun–as long as the recipient is grateful.  I also plan on hosting more contests in the future, because if someone wins a gift it’s really not so bad if they don’t say thank you afterward.

Anyways, that’s my rant for today.  I’m working on redesigning this blog and I’ll be setting up some extra categories and pages.  Please bear with me as I work on the redesign project 🙂

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  1. retrohippie says:

    I’m so sorry this happened to you hun, it has happened to me many times. Thought Id just let you know I lurk here reading your black widow stories, I loved the idea! So if you were wondering why you got the evil face by your name for people who make me hang around the forums, along with other reasons….this is why


    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you so much skdluzak!! I’m sorry people have been ungrateful toward you as well. It’s a shame! I think I better write a new rant today because I am really upset about all the abandoned contests. The incident that happened yesterday really upset me because I participate in contests to try and earn recognition for my work, which is impossible because 9 times out of 10 the host abandons the contest completely when it’s time to award the participants, or they just close it unexpectedly and don’t even pick a winner. The one that upset me so much yesterday was that the host closed the contest right after I confirmed my entry was almost ready. Then I went and worked 5 hours on my sim and in-game pictures for the contest entry, just to discover it had been closed right out from under me! There was still a week left for entries and at least two promininent people were promoting that contest (that weren’t the host). Who knows how many other people were working hard on their entries, believing they had a week to get them in! The host apologized to me and said the contest was closed three days before I posted, which is not true. Other people I trust confirmed that the contest wasn’t changed to closed until after I posted that I was almost ready. But I accepted the apology because I don’t want to fight with someone who never cared about the contest in the first place!

      Whoops!! Yeah, I better write a rant about that 😛 Thanks for the feedback on the new Black Widow Chronicle. I should have another chapter up today… or early this morning, since I can’t sleep with the rattling window again!

  2. simammadrama says:

    Speaking of nastiness in the forums in regards to unfinished contests……I was appalled to see the postings last night. Some people really do get to me, but then I remember all the wonderful generous, and super creative people that frequent the forums and it draws me back in! I love taking pictures and writing…. One of these days Im gonna do my own blog, been trying to think of a good concept…hmm

    • enkeli63 says:

      Yes, the nastiness surrounding unfinished contests recently has been really appalling and also disturbing. The contest that got closed out from under me really bothered me, but thankfully it wasn’t so nasty and awful as that!! I can’t believe the immaturity, negativity, and abusiveness of some people O.O

      By the way, any sims related blog is already a great concept! 😉 It can be random screenshots, a story, stuff you’ve uploaded, cool stuff you see in the sims community, or a mix of all of those things! If you make a sims blog, let me know, I’ll definitely read it 😀

  3. KrazyKat888 says:

    I’m sorry that people don’t say thank you! That’s just rude! I try to thank everyone who gifts me. Actually you gifted me on the 16th. I’m pretty sure I thanked you, but if I didn’t I’m really sorry! It looks really nice in my sim kids bedroom, thank you! I hope that everyone you gift in the future thanks you, you deserve it. Nice blog by the way, I discovered it in your guess the baby name contest. I just bookmarked it.


    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks! You did thank me actually, and I agree, it looks awesome in kid bedrooms and studies or places where sims can appreciate butterflies! This post was written back at the start of july and was about the gifting spree I went on when Lucky Palms first came out. I haven’t had the problem since then! One of my friends didn’t know if I had gifted him the item that he got (I don’t know why he didn’t check his purchase history! lol ) but he still thanked me because he was pretty sure it came from me. Ever since I decided to only gift people that are interactive with me, I’ve had no problems. I still leave this post because people find it with search engines when they search up things like “how to get gifted” (LOL! Who searches for that??) and so I think they should know how important it is to thank people 😛

      I’m so glad you like the blog! I work hard on it and have a lot of fun with it 😀 Later today, the results of the Guess the Baby Game will be revealed on my blog and then an hour later, I’ll post the results on the Sims 3 site and gift the winners in the game 8)

  4. carolynstar1 says:

    Hello there enkeli63, even though i havent gifted anyone so far because i only have the base game of sims 3 i was reading your post and i thought that you are very thoughtful to all those people that you have gifted. I also think that it was very rude of the people you have gifted to not say Thank You becasue if i got gifted i would be so greatful even if the gift was Big or small, because those simpoints take a long time to save up and you could be saving them up to get something really big for yourself.
    Please add me on the sims 3 my username is carolynstar1

    I look forward to looking at your posts and talking to you!!!!!!!!!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! That was very nice of you 🙂 I’ve heard that this does happen to other people on the site, not just me. I know that some people might not know if they’re supposed to thank the person that sent them a gift. I know that sounds weird, but what if they were thinking, “Maybe she doesn’t want me to thank her publically because then other people might ask her for a gift too.” That would make sense, except that the person I mentioned who was gifted a world and took the time to say thanks–he obviously knew that thanking is customary and can be done in the “Gift Gathering – Thank Yous and Gifting” section of the site. LOL I guess he just didn’t care about the decor items I sent him. Well anyways, thanks so much for your comment!

      • carolynstar1 says:

        Hi Enkeli thank you so much for commenting back that was really thoughtful, I added u as a friend on sims 3 and i think u accepted so i guess we could talk on there and here if we wanted lol.
        I think the guy u gifted decor and stuff didnt really appreciate it very much but if i got gifted it i would be so suprised. And i think it was very thoughtful of you to gift him a world becasue it takes a long time to save up for a world on sims 3. Well i guess i will have to save up my simpoints for a long time on sims 3 to get Lunar Lakes, Hidden Springs or Lucky palms becasue i would like them but i dont want to ask anyone to gift me unless they do it on their own.

        Thanks for typing back and ill talk to u sims 3


      • enkeli63 says:

        I’m sorry, you misunderstood that bit. I didn’t gift a world to that guy, I gifted him a few decor items. But it happened to be at the same time as someone else gifted him a world. So he thanked the other person but didn’t thank me for what I sent to him 😦 I haven’t been able to gift a world to anyone yet, because you’re right, that’s a lot of simpoints. Maybe someday I’ll be able to, but not just yet anyhow. But I thought you might be interested in joining my building contest. The prizes are futuristic stuff like Futureshock and Atomic Age, for example. Check out this thread for more details! I’d love to have some more entries 😉

      • carolynstar1 says:

        Sorry that i misunderstood a bit but i will go in ur compitition if i could and ill talk on sims 3

  5. becomingjenn says:

    I try and thank everyone…and I hope that people see my page and what I post on the MyPage (sometimes I can’t always do the latter). I am still overwhelmed when people think of me, I never ever expect it and it is a surprise. Funny thing is some of the decor items are AWESOME (ie, like the jazz pictures you gifted me, which give 10 to environment!…again, thank you)!

    Oh, just finished your Black Widow Stories (#28 was the latest as of my posting) and I like them. Can’t wait to read more.

    • enkeli63 says:

      I agree! And you can’t really build a house or community lot without decor items. If you have more options, then there’s more stuff you can build! They’re vital, in my opinion. But I figured out I was gifting the wrong people, and now I don’t have that problem anymore! I don’t just gift my friends (though I gift them more than others) but I make sure the person I gift has at least interacted with me on the forums or something before I gift them. That works for me and I’m never left feeling unappreciated anymore 😉 I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Black Widow series!

  6. M-Girl says:

    I’ve apparently had people gift me stuff and as soon as I learn how to accept I will and then I will thank the people… I can gift items, I just don’t know how to receive gifted items…

    • enkeli63 says:

      Sometimes the email notifications don’t make it to the recipient for some reason, but you can always get your gifted items by visiting your Store Purchase History. Go through the Purchase History and you will find any items that were gifted to you, along with the name of the person who gifted you. There are filters for the Purchase History now that may make it easier to locate the gifted items, but I haven’t used the filters yet so I’m not sure how helpful they are, but either way, that is how you will get your gifts if you never received the email notifications 😉 Enjoy!

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