Natasha Romanova AKA “Black Widow”

Today I found a thread on the Sims 3 site for creating superheroes and villains.  I was inspired and decided to join in the fun!  I tried to make the Marvel Comics character, Black Widow.

Here’s an image of the comic version of Black Widow.

The original Black Widow

The hair is pretty much impossible to recreate in the Sims 3, but I did my best.  This is my version of Natasha Romanova AKA “Black Widow.”

Head Shot

Everyday Outfit

Formal Outfit

Athletic Outfit

Sleep Wear

Swim Wear

You can download her here

As with all of my creations, she has no third party custom content (cc), but she does have hair and clothing from the Sims 3 Store.  I hope you like her.  Please leave a recommendation for her 🙂


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