The Black Widow Chronicle #2

After their quickie wedding, the newlyweds went dancing at the Mirage. They partied until the nightclub closed in the early hours of the morning.

Back at home, they snuggled together and enjoyed some intimate time, as newlyweds frequently do.

Cesar woke up at dawn and ran out to take care of some business he and Natasha had discussed. He also stopped by the bookstore to pick up a gift for his wife, and then went to the casino.

Most of the time, Cesar had a smile on his face as he was thinking about his lovely bride almost all the time. Inevitably, he would soon remember that she wanted him to look tougher, and he continued to practice.

Natasha slept until just after lunch, and she also headed out to take care of business. The first order of business was to crack the pathetic security on the old warehouse that was used by the local crime syndicate.

Getting in was even easier than finding true love! Natasha surprised the local crime boss and he had no choice but to hire her.

That afternoon, Cesar went to get himself a job as well. He signed up to work in the mailroom of the Sahara Corporation. His new job would provide inside access to the corporate crime syndicate, just as Natasha had planned.

As planned, Cesar met up with Natasha at the casino, where they continued to gather large sums of money by hacking the machines!

As night fell, both of them were feeling exhausted and headed home together. Cesar relaxed in the livingroom while Natasha slipped into something more romantic.

“This will be the most delicious dinner he’s ever had,” she plotted as she got to work on preparing dinner for her love.

She burned the macaroni and gasped in horror. “What was that?” Cesar called to her.

“Nothing… don’t worry…”

He started reading a book to pass the time, as Natasha burned another meal… and another!

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5 Responses to The Black Widow Chronicle #2

  1. blaze says:

    keep em coming hun 🙂 the way you end things just makes me beg for more so GIMME more lol 😛

    • enkeli63 says:

      There should be another chapter ready tomorrow 😉 Thanks for reading and commenting {{{hugs}}}

    • enkeli63 says:

      I posted the new chapter today. Sorry it took me a little while longer than expected–I had some stuff to deal with yesterday. Thanks for your supportive comments on MyPage on sims 3.

  2. ghekate says:

    hahaha i love when he practices his stern face. Poor guy, burned meals. LOL.

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