Abandoned Contests on the Sims3.com

I thought that instead of just being mad and sad about abandoned contests on the Sims 3 site, I should put my energy into a rant!

Lately, I’ve participated in several contests that were completely abandoned by the hosts, or they were closed unexpectedly with no explanation and without choosing any winners at all.  I believe it’s doing a lot of harm to the community–not just to the participants who work hard and never get the recognition they deserve.

That’s what it’s about for me.  I don’t enter contests to win gifts–I can buy things for myself and give and receive gifts with friends and contests are not necessary for that at all.  For me, it’s about gaining recognition for my hard work.  I put an average of 100 hours in on building a house and 2 to 5 hours on a sim.  I’ve tried posting in the Creative Corner, but it seems you have to be “popular” to get replies in that forum, and I’m not one of the “cool kids” so people just ignore my work if I share it there.  So I started entering contests to get some recognition for my work.

However, 9 times out of 10, the host abandons their contest and no one is chosen as a winner 😦  There are some participants who cannot purchase simpoints, so it hurts them in that way as well as not gaining the recognition they deserve.

Yesterday a host closed their contest while I was preparing my entry.  I had posted to inform the host that my entry would be ready soon, and then went to work on the sim and in-game photos that were required.  When I got back, the thread had been changed to “closed.”  I was so mad!  I was so mad I almost swore!!!  I was so mad I was shaking.  Other people I trust confirmed that they saw the thread change to “closed” after I had posted about preparing my entry.  The host apologized to me and sent me a little gift (which I thanked her for) but that’s not what I was in it for.  So I’m still upset.  I think it was incredibly rude to close the contest that way, especially when the host knew more entries were coming.  The host said to me “It was closing soon and there was only one entry (at the time) anyway.”

The contest still had a week left, and who knows how many other players were working hard on their entries.  I spent money to purchase the items needed for my sim, and others may have done the same.  At least two prominent members of the community were promoting that contest, and surely more entries would’ve come in the last week.  Most people take their contest entries seriously and put a lot of time into preparing their materials and creating their upload.  I accepted the host’s apology and didn’t argue the false claim that it had been closed three days earlier because I don’t want to fight or cause drama.  But I am upset about the whole thing.

I feel discouraged about contests because most hosts just abandon them and I don’t even get a chance to lose, let alone ever possibly win.  I wont participate in anymore contests unless I know the host has experience and a good reputation for hosting contests.  Otherwise, I’m just wasting my time…  But then, how can I ever gain some recognition for my work if I’m not one of the so-called “cool kids”???

I also care about the sims 3 community and when these things happen, it harms the whole community.  Now there’s a lot of people who feel the way I do, that they wont enter contests anymore.  These jerks who abandon contests are ruining the fun and making everyone feel bad!!  And there’s not a damned thing I can do about it but sit in my corner and rant about it…

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9 Responses to Abandoned Contests on the Sims3.com

  1. blaze says:

    the link in the post is wrong so I will re post it lol (sorry bout that) http://www.modthesims.com

  2. quizicalgin says:

    Aah and there in lies why I don’t bother with the sims3 community, at least on the main site. Unfortunately anywhere you go there are going to be the so called “cool kids” even outside of the sims site, so trying to find recognition or fairness is just out of place in a large portion of the community for sims as a whole. It doesn’t even stop at the contests and I could give you five rants worth of faults when it comes to seeking help, bad content, and sorry excuse they call patches but I digress.

    • enkeli63 says:

      Oh yeah, I agree! Customer Service is often pretty poor, and the patches tend to break as much or more than they fix! But it’s still my favourite game 😉

      • quizicalgin says:

        Pretty poor my foot might as well have one of the zombies run it. service would skyrocket as a result. It’s mine to but I wish they would think to actually improve he game rather than break it. The gamers shouldn’t have to fix what a company broke in its product

      • enkeli63 says:

        LOL for sure! Although I have had some really good assistance from Customer Service, they just weren’t able to resolve the issues because sometimes things go wrong that they can’t figure out–they’re just service reps, not programmers. Sometimes they really go that extra mile to try to help, and I appreciate that a lot. Also, I’ve had very good responses when I figure out something that is causing a problem and I report it to them with as much detail and information as I can provide. But there are a lot of outstanding, very common bugs that need to be fixed and yet we don’t even get confirmation that they ever will be fixed.

      • quizicalgin says:

        I know they aren’t but you’d think the people that made the game would have given them some kind of heads up. On top of that I doubt they even check to see if a patch is compatible with all the packs. Might even have a couple people run mods in their game to to check for conflicts there. All I’m asking is to account for a majority of the variables than just churning out a patch that’s only good for one pack and breaks everything else.

      • enkeli63 says:

        I wish the CS reps were a little better trained, and had access to more information. Many times they tell people to post about their issue in the forums–and they could at least know how to search the forums to try and help a player find the answers they need. Or at least give them links to bug threads or something.

      • quizicalgin says:

        Agreed. As a result I no longer bother asking anyone in the forums for help. Even if you do post it would quickly get swamped by “where do I find this” or “how do I do this”. I go to Mod the Sims for help when I desperately need it anymore. I dread when seasons will come out for all the bugs it could bring.

      • enkeli63 says:

        I really enjoy posting on the forums and helping others when I’m able, whether it’s a gameplay thing like “where can I find the purple firefly?” or technical things like “the launcher said my lot uploaded but it isn’t showing up in my studio.” I try to take a little bit of time to browse the forums every day, but I do not go to the General Discussion forum hardly ever. I stick to the EP forums, Store Discussion, and Gift Gathering sections mainly.

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