The Black Widow Chronicle #3

Sadly, Natasha and Cesar had to eat burned waffles for a late night dinner, due to Natasha’s complete inability to cook anything without burning it!  Cesar was grateful for her effort nonetheless.  In the morning they woke and had a good workout session together at dawn.

That’s when Natasha saw a stray dog and decided to give it some love and attention.

Unfortunately, the dog ran off when she tried to give it a good meal.  “I didn’t cook it!” she called after the stray, but it just kept running.  Cesar hugged his wife and told her not to be so hard on herself.  Then he had to run and get to work on time!

Natasha still had free time before she was needed at work, so she went to the casino to “earn” some more money!  After a hard day at work, Cesar met up with her at the casino and they continued to drain the house by hacking the machines.

Finally Natasha’s machine ran dry, and she interrupted her husband with some affection.

“Let’s go home, Love,” she said to her husband.  “There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

When they got inside, she proposed, “I heard about an opportunity to get a home custom built.  I thought since we have the money, we could go for it.  And while they put the house together, we could go on a honeymoon.”

Cesar agreed and they booked an Egyptian honeymoon as soon as Natasha made the arrangements to order a custom built home.  As they ran to catch their taxi, Cesar looked back at the house and said goodbye to it.

When they arrived at the base camp in Egypt, Natasha leaped into his arms and told him how much she loved and adored him, then dragged him off to one one of the tents.

She left the tent a few minutes later, quite upset.  “No woohoo?” she grumbled.  “What’s wrong with me?”

Cesar immediately called her back inside.  “There’s nothing wrong with you!” he insisted.  “I just have jet lag.  I love you, Baby.”

They spent the rest of the day in the tent!  The following day, they emerged and enjoyed a friendly race along the desert roads.

“Wheee!  I’m winning!” Cesar exclaimed.

Natasha soon blew passed him on her motorcycle!

When they reached the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, they discovered a very mysterious bird and spent several hours studying it very closely.

The bird seemed completely unable to move, let alone fly.  Cesar looked up the bird online with his Multitab and Natasha said, “I think it’s wing is broken.”  She was very upset and concerned about the bird, but they were unable to catch it or do anything to help it.  Finally, Cesar distracted her from the bird and invited her to watch the sunset with him.

“Do you still have jet lag?” she asked playfully.

“A little bit,” he admitted. Natasha let out a wicked giggle and dragged him back to the base camp to “torture” him some more!

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7 Responses to The Black Widow Chronicle #3

  1. blaze says:

    good chapter of the story hun 🙂 Natasha and cesar intruige me and I am looking forward to the next part of their story so keep em coming hun 🙂

  2. jadeleine says:

    Hi there! This story is very interesting and totally differend from what I usually read which is a good and frefreshing thing. Looking forward for the next chapter!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks Jadeleine 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far! I’m really looking forward to your blog too. If you need any help with it, just ask and I’d be happy to help you set it up just the way you like it 😀 Happy blogging!

  3. ghekate says:

    the tent incident was so funny! And the broken bird wing plus whipping out the multitab was quite clever. 😀

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