The Black Widow Chronicle #4

The newlyweds spent most of their honeymoon inside their tent, but they did get out to see some of the sights.  They snuggled by the Sphinx and made out in front of the Great Pyramid.  Then they stopped by the market square for some lunch.

“You’re more muscular than I am,” Cesar pointed out as they ate.

“But I think you’re still as delicate and beautiful as a flower.”

“I feel like I’ve been dipped in toxic slime,” Natasha complained.

Cesar made his best face for her, and Natasha cheered up.  They went outside to enjoy the performance of a local snake charmer.

Then they enjoyed a good pillow fight!

Don’t worry, those feathers didn’t come from any rare, flightless Egyptian birds.

At last the couple settled in to enjoy their last night in the tent.

In the morning, Natasha received a phone call notifying her that their new house was ready for them, so they packed their belongings and headed back to Lucky Palms.

Cesar obviously liked the new house quite a lot, as did Natasha.

It was quite late when they arrived at their new home, so they didn’t take much time to explore it and simply headed straight to their new bedroom.

Natasha embraced her husband and asked, “Do you have jet lag?”

Cesar laughed.  “Of course I do!”

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6 Responses to The Black Widow Chronicle #4

  1. simammadrama says:

    lovely lovely pictures! Where are the pyramids…. I’ve never found them, wow I need to do some more adventuring!

    • enkeli63 says:

      The pyramids are just across the river from the base camp in Egypt–if you have World Adventures. If you send your sims on a trip, I highly recommend making a new save first, as weird game-breaking glitches can occur. I only send my sims on a trip for special occasions because I don’t like to risk them!

  2. ghekate says:

    “Cesar made his best face for her, and Natasha cheered up.” -sorry I can’t stop laughing at that. It’s just too funny!

  3. katrina says:

    Where did you get the house? Did you made it? It’s beautiful! 🙂

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you! Yes, I built the house. It’s available in my Sims 3 Studio, if you’d like to add it to your game. It doesn’t have any custom content, but it does have stuff from various EPs, SPs and the Sims 3 Store in it. If you’d like to download it, it’s at 🙂 It also has stuff for a horse and a little play area in the yard for children.

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