The Black Widow Chronicle #5

On their first morning in their new house, Cesar woke up before his wife did, so he decided to prepare breakfast for her.  His thoughtful plan was thwarted by his own lack of cooking skills, and Natasha was woken up by his frustrated shouting.

Cesar had to rush to make it to work on time, so he forced himself to eat the burnt pancakes.

After burning some breakfast for herself, Natasha did some cardio exercise in the Great Room.

Next, she went outside to the outdoor gym and pumped some iron before hopping on the treadmill.  When Cesar returned home, she was still working out!

“Take a break, Honey!” he suggested.  He hugged her tight and asked her to join him in the hot tub.

“Do you still have jet lag?” she asked before she kissed him.

“Why do you torment me so?” he asked with a chuckle.  “I’ll have to do something about you!”

They enjoyed some intimate time in the hot tub, and Natasha was feeling very playful and naughty.  When they got out of the tub, she decided to scare Cesar.

Unfortunately, her prank did not go over well with him.  Cesar got angry and started wishing to do mean things to his wife.  It totally ruined the mood.

“I’m so sorry, Cesar,” Natasha apologized when she noticed how upset he was.  “I was just playing around.  I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Just don’t do that again,” he told her before forgiving her.  It was their first “fight,” but at least they didn’t go to bed angry!  They stayed up late enjoying each others company, and they were almost late for work.

Natasha’s first day of work went well, and the boss asked her to deliver a special package to City Hall. She followed the orders and received a hefty bonus for her efforts, while the package caused some bodily harm to its recipient.

Cesar was waiting with roses for her when she got home.  He took her dinner and they watched a movie together at the theatre.  Afterwards, he said, “Follow me, there’s something special I want to show you.”

“What the…?” Natasha was shocked and surprised to see a unicorn hanging out near their house.

Cesar approached the magnificent creature, saying to Natasha, “His name is Midnight.  I saw him before when you were sleeping.  Look—he’s really gentle!”

Natasha trusted her husband and stepped closer to the unicorn.  She let it sniff her hand, and then it blessed her!

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  1. jadeleine says:

    yay 2 new episodes so soon, awesome! I really enjoyed reading. Can´t wait to see what happens next :D!

    • enkeli63 says:

      I might even have time to make a third one today! LOL I just have so many pictures… and much more exciting events to tell about 😉

  2. blaze says:

    keep it up hun I want more 😀 😀 😀

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