The Black Widow Chronicle #7

Cesar didn’t hear the police siren because it was drowned out by the jackpot siren!  He waited for Natasha, and when she didn’t show up, he suspected that she’d been arrested.  He took his §13,000 winnings and headed over to the police station to look for his wife.

He paid her bail with his casino winnings and waited outside for her.

“Thank you for coming!” Natasha nearly cried.  Then she turned and threw up in the flower bed.

“That’s what I think too!” he chuckled, then rubbed her shoulders and said, “Let’s get you home.”

Once at home, she thanked him again.

“Just go and enjoy a bubble bath and take it easy,” he told her.

Cesar was already fast asleep when Natasha finally crawled into bed.

She woke up less than an hour later, feeling absolutely dreadful!  She ran to the bathroom and threw up again.

She wasn’t sure if it was more than nerves and terrible jail food.

She returned to bed, and was soon up again.  This time, she knew for sure it was because they had a baby on the way!

In the morning, Cesar let Natasha continue to sleep, and he prepared a decent breakfast for himself. The dishwasher was broken, so he called a repair-person to come and take care of it.  Then he was off for another long day at the office.

Natasha woke up to all the crashing and banging in the kitchen.  She headed downstairs and made pancakes for herself.

She had been craving pancakes when she woke up, but she lost her appetite as soon as she finished cooking them.  She decided to sit down and read a pregnancy book on her Multitab instead, while the maid tidied up the mess she made on the counter.

Just before Cesar arrived home, Natasha called all of their co-workers and invited them over for a party to celebrate their baby on the way.

Her appetite returned and she devoured caramel covered strawberries!

Finally, Cesar got home and the party guests arrived.  Natasha plotted with her boss in the office, though she didn’t respect the authority and leadership of the local crime lord, Emi Irwin.

After socializing with the guests, Cesar devoted his attention to his wife and baby on the way.

“Baby says, ‘Kick all these annoying people out of our house!’” he informed her.

Natasha did tell the guests to leave. One of Cesar’s work friends, Jaycen Hendrix, informed them that he broke the hot tub while skinny dipping, so Natasha called for another repair-person.

The repair-woman died after being electrocuted twice!  The Grim Reaper showed up to collect her sorry soul.

Grimmy sauntered through the house silently and took a gander at all the delicious treats in the kitchen before heading into the office.

“You know, I’ve got the creepiest feeling right now,” Cesar told Natasha as they played pinball.

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  1. ghekate says:

    Ahahaha that’s awesome especially the “baby says kick all these people out of the house” part

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