The Black Widow Chronicle #8

The Grim Reaper casually read his favourite romance novel while Cesar and Natasha finished up their game of pinball.  Then he wandered back out through the kitchen.

“Yay, I won!” Cesar cheered while Natasha looked on with displeasure.

“I must do something about this,” she schemed to herself.

Cesar felt like he was starving, so he decided to drink from the chocolate fountain!

“How’d this get here?” he asked out loud as he picked up the book the Reaper left behind.  That creepy feeling he had grew more intense, but he put the book away and went to bed.

He didn’t sleep well and morning came far too soon for Cesar, so he needed some strong coffee before work.

When Natasha woke up, she paid the bills and donated §1000 to undermine the Life Fruit for Elders charity.  Then she headed to the spa for a “Soothing Salvation” treatment.

Cesar was promoted to Report Processor at work, but he was beyond exhausted when the workday was done.  He was unable to make it to the carpool before he passed out.

The carpool driver honked the horn several times before Cesar woke up and dragged himself to the car. He went home and took a nap with Natasha.

They slept until about 10 pm.

Natasha took a dip in the pool, hoping that some physical activity would help get labour started.

Cesar decided to prepare some sushi for their late dinner, knowing there was no way he could burn that!

Dinner was interrupted by Natasha going into labour.

Cesar grinned proudly as he went to the taxi cab to take his wife to the hospital.

“They better not over-charge us,” Natasha thought as they walked into the hospital.

After a few short hours, they welcomed their baby into the world!

Their daughter was named Yulia, and she was a perfect little angel.  Yulia was born with the traits heavy sleeper and friendly, and she was the pride and joy of her parents.

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6 Responses to The Black Widow Chronicle #8

  1. jadeleine says:

    awwws! Yulia is such a beautiful name, conratulations! I have been enjoying so much reading this story. I noticed that you have very clever way of using verbs which makes the simplest events feel real and exting. I find those the most hardest part of writing sims stories. Im hooked! Btw, can I follow your blog or subcribe? Im sorry, but I don´t seem to find that option If there is any :).

    • enkeli63 says:

      There should be a bar along the top of the site with the WordPress logo in the upper left corner, and there’s a “+Follow” button there. Thanks for all your kind feedback! I’m glad you like the way I’m writing it, I try to make it interesting and fun! 😀 When I think I have enough screenshots, I start to flip through them as a slideshow, and I tell myself the story as I look at the pictures. Then I write it down when I’m ready–maybe that will help you. I really enjoy your blog so far as well–good job!

      • jadeleine says:

        Okay, thanks for the advices :). I have another question, I was wondering how can I add photos from other hosts? I tried flickr but It didn´t accept the links for some reason. Btw I found the “follow” button and joined :)!

      • enkeli63 says:

        To add photos from other hosts, click the Upload/Insert link shown about the message composition frame. A window will pop up for adding media to your post. There are three tabs in that add media window: the first is to upload directly from your computer, the second is From Url and you can add the image from flickr there, and the third tab is for adding images from your Media Library on WordPress. So click on the second tab for From Url, then enter the link for your image in the URL field. You can add a title, and caption, change the alignment, etc. Then click Insert Into Post. If you want to add captions, I suggest you don’t bother to do it right away–first just add the link for the image and then insert it in your post. Finish your post and save it as a draft. Then once the draft is saved, click on the image. Two little icons will appear on the top left corner. If you click the first of those icons, it will open the image properties tab again and you can add your caption. The other icon is a red circle with a line through it and that will allow you to delete the image. Anyways, I recommend adding the captions after writing the post because sometimes it doesn’t work right and is very annoying!

        Thanks for following my blog 😀

  2. ghekate says:

    Oh yeah! I remember now you posted a “what will i name the baby” thing on the forum a while back! I wish I checked out your legacy back then.

    • enkeli63 says:

      I’m glad you remember that! That’s cool 🙂 I’m going to do something like that again one of these days because it was very fun!

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