The Black Widow Chronicle #10

Cesar enjoyed spending quality time with Yulia before going to work, and this day, he was starting a new position.  He had been promoted to Corporate Drone already!

Natasha was still on maternity leave from her job, and she appreciated having a lot of quality time with her daughter.

Yulia was a sweet baby.  She hardly ever cried and she enjoyed a very close bond with both her parents.

Natasha exercised some more in the afternoon, then prepared dinner in time for Cesar’s return from work.

“Smells delicious, Honey!” he complimented her as he walked into room.

After dinner, Cesar had a quick workout of his own.  As he played with Yulia, Natasha chatted with him about her day.

“I love being able to spend time with Yulia,” she said, “but I really do want to get back to work soon. I heard there’s a massive rainbow gem on display at the art gallery, and I’m itching to steal it!”

“It’s just a few more days,” he replied in a supportive tone of voice.  “But, in the meanwhile, let’s go check out that diner I was telling you about.”

They took Yulia with them and headed across town to scope out The Sandy Place.

“Well, this is it,” Cesar said to Natasha.  “I know it looks pretty bad right now, but I think with a little work, it could be a great business.”

He added, “Oh yeah, there’s also a basement.  It’s not open to the public right now, but I thought we could do something neat with it.”

Natasha was sold on his idea.  She grabbed her phone and made a quick call to the real estate office and purchased the diner for her husband.

“I want to name it after you,” she suggested.  “Now it’s ours, and you can use your time off from work to fix it up just the way you like it.”

They headed home feeling proud and excited.  Yulia had no clue what was going on, but she had a great time on her first outing with her mom and dad.

Cesar was excited to get to work on the diner the next morning.  He left Natasha and Yulia and went to oversee the renovations.

On Sunday night, he was hard at work in their home office when Natasha decided to interrupt him, asking, “How’s everything going?”

“I was just approving some job applications,” he explained.  “Now we have some bartenders lined up and everything is ready.”

“Fantastic!  I can’t wait to see it,” Natasha replied.

“Let’s get dressed up special and get a babysitter for Yulia,” Cesar suggested.  “It’s time for the Grand Opening of Cesar’s Purlieu.”

They put on their formal clothes and attended the Grand Opening together.  The place was packed already when they arrived.  Natasha was thrilled to learn there was a little casino club in the basement.  “I’m going to hit the tables,” she said and went to play blackjack.

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