The Black Widow Chronicle #11

Cesar checked in with the staff before joining the Grand Opening festivities.  The casino club was packed with celebrities for the event.  Cesar hacked his own slot machine and started playing while a creepy old woman stalked him.

Natasha played a few rounds of blackjack and then she got a wickedly fantastic idea!

“This is my perfect chance!” she thought as she looked around the room.  She made a detour to the lady’s room, where she had a bizarre encounter with a woman named Evangeliene Finch.

Evangeliene Finch stood around gawking at the expensive artwork in the bathroom, and blocking the door. Natasha wanted out of the room and couldn’t get the old woman to move, so she heckled the crazy woman, and mocked her cruelly when Evangeliene had a bladder accident all over the floor.

Natasha was so relieved when she finally got out of the room!

Natasha had evil thoughts running through her mind when she interrupted her husband’s gambling. “Having fun?” she asked him.  He nodded and grinned, and she told him, “It looks like a huge success so far!  Everyone’s having a blast…  I’m going to play some more blackjack.”

“Good luck!” Cesar wished her.

Meanwhile, back at home, Yulia was with a babysitter named Margarita Alvarez.  Margarita was friendly enough, but she spent hours watching tv and waited until Yulia was lonely, hungry, and had a dirty diaper before she got off her butt to take care of the baby.  If Cesar and Natasha found out about that, they’d probably kill her!

“That jewel will be mine!” Natasha cackled.  She had slipped out of the party and went to the art gallery.

The gallery was deserted at such a late hour.

She headed straight to the third floor where the rare rainbow crystal skull was on display.  “There you are, my pretty!”

Natasha took another quick look around to make sure no one was lurking in the gallery after hours, and she snatched the priceless gem.

It was just passed four in morning when Natasha made it back to the diner. Just as she had planned, no one saw her leave the party and she had a perfect alibi.

She went downstairs and pulled her husband away from the slot machine, and she danced while he ordered breakfast.

Cesar joined her and they danced until the sun came up.

“Whoa, look at the time!” Cesar pointed to the clock.  “You have to work in a couple hours; I bet you’re excited about getting back to work.”  He lead the way and they returned home in time for the sitter to get to school.  At least she would suffer from exhaustion during her classes!

When they were back at home, Natasha casually confessed, “Oh yeah, while you were gambling, I went over to the gallery and stole that rainbow gem.”

Cesar was incredibly impressed by her handiwork.  After taking care of Yulia, he was too tired to go to work.  He called in sick and then went to bed.

Meanwhile, Natasha did a side job at work and earned some extra cash.  She was proving herself well to the crime syndicate.

Natasha’s hard work paid off and she earned a promotion to Thug.  She was given a special assignment to take care of, but she needed to get some rest herself before she could do anything else.

Part of her wished to return the stolen rainbow gem, but she ignored those silly ideas!  She stopped at the mailbox to make a little donation to undermine the Underfunded Gyms Foundation instead, and slipped into her cool new work uniform.

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3 Responses to The Black Widow Chronicle #11

  1. selahgio says:

    I wouldn’t have returned it either xD And I hate when they make that wish to return it!

    • enkeli63 says:

      It was a lot of hard work to steal that! Maybe not for Natasha, but for me to get that crystal skull and get it on display and everything 😉 lol I can understand with regular sims… but an evil sim should never wish to return something they stole!

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