The Black Widow Chronicle #12

“Welcome home, Honey!” Cesar greeted Natasha as she came in from work.  “I’m gonna run a marathon.  See you later!”

Cesar was excited about a new opportunity to win a medal for running a marathon.  He jogged passed his favourite nightclub, Mirage, and pushed himself to keep on going.

Back at home, Natasha enjoyed quality time with Yulia and they became good friends.

Cesar jogged all the way out to Dryside.  He smiled with pride as he went by the diner.

He was exhausted, smelly and starving when he finished the run, but he succeeded and earned the gold medal for Spring Training!

He also found an uncut rainbow gem!

Natasha tried to cook dinner when Cesar got back home, but as usual, she burned it.

Cesar mixed a refreshing drink to rehydrate himself after his epic run.

“What is that smell?” he wondered as he came into the kitchen.

“I’m sorry,” Natasha blushed.  “I burned dinner again… but I made some sushi for us!”

Over dinner, Cesar bragged about his gold medal.  “I think I’m quite the athlete!  Maybe I should try out for the football team.  Do you think I’ve got a chance at being a pro-athlete?”

“Hmmm… probably not,” Natasha replied, trying to be as nice as possible.

“Maybe you’re right.  I think I get a good enough workout punching the clock every day!”  At least Cesar wasn’t offended in the slightest.

Natasha was a little jealous of Cesar’s bulging muscles though, so she decided to have a quick weight-lifting session.

Yulia was fast asleep, so Natasha and Cesar had some fun in the hot tub before bed.

The next day, Cesar was promoted to Department Head at work.  When he got home, he took a moment to brag to Natasha about his promotion.

She congratulated him and headed out to take care of some errands.  First she stopped by the diner and collected the profits they made.  The business had only been open just over one day, but they earned more than §12,000 already!

Natasha hopped on her bike and continued with her tasks.

It was late in the afternoon when she arrived at the pier to meet with a co-worker named Vex Pilfer.  Vex was surprised to see Natasha at her door, but invited her inside and they had a little chat about work.

“I don’t know about that… I’m just a thief,” she said after listening to the plan Natasha told her about.

“That’s okay, you handle the thieving part and I’ll take care of the beating!”

After their meeting, Natasha went home as quick as she could.  It was Yulia’s birthday!

“Mommy has to go to work now,” she told her daughter when the carpool arrived to take her to the warehouse.  “Enjoy your birthday party!”

Cesar helped Yulia blow out her candles during the birthday party.

Yulia aged up to the toddler stage and turned out looking a lot like her mom!  She spent the rest of her birthday party playing with her new toy box, while her daddy socialized with the party guests.

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