The Black Widow Chronicle #14

The next morning while Cesar was at work, Natasha taught Yulia how to walk.  Then they went for a lovely stroll around the neighborhood.  Yulia pointed at everything interesting she saw, and laughed and giggled the whole way.  They both had a fantastic time.

When Cesar returned home at dinner time, Natasha explained that she had a special assignment from her boss and needed to deliver a secret package to a contact in France. “I just don’t want to leave Yulia with a sitter!” she insisted. “I want to kill the last babysitter we had because she treated our baby so badly.”

Cesar suggested they find one of their friends to watch Yulia while they were away.

Natasha called her best friend, Vex Pilfer.

Vex said, “I like you a lot, Natasha, but I’m not good with children.”

Cesar suggested, “I’ll call my friend, Phoenix.  He’s great with kids and doesn’t even have a job.”

Phoenix Ross wanted to help them out, but when Cesar learned that Phoenix had recently become a vampire, he told his friend to forget about it.

Natasha called another close friend from work, Kinslee Hudson, and she agreed to watch Yulia for a few days.

“Thank for coming on such short notice!” Natasha said to her when Kinslee arrived.

“Oh, it’s my pleasure, Natasha,” Kinslee replied.  “I love children, and it’s a real honour to be able to help you with something.”

Cesar booked their travel arrangements, and they left for France right away.

When they arrived, they felt like a couple of newlyweds all over again and were overcome by passion.

After spending some time in their room at the base camp, they went out for a friendly race through the quaint French village.

When they reached the halfway point, Natasha embraced her husband and complimented him on his athleticism and his attractive body.  Then they dashed off again.

It was a fair race and Natasha won, but they both had some stamina remaining for an intimate afternoon in their room!

Later that evening, Natasha went out to deliver the package for her boss.

The shady man thanked her for the delivery and praised her for her hard work and loyalty to the organization.  His words made Natasha feel tough and she flexed her muscles while thinking of her recent jewel heist.  She decided not to brag about it, mind you, because she didn’t want to turn the gem over to her boss.

Natasha and Cesar met up again at the local book merchant, and they decided to learn some of the local recipes.  When it was late, they returned to base camp and Natasha tried to make some hamburgers.

“You should really listen to a cooking tabcast,” Cesar suggested when she burned another dinner.

Natasha nearly cried when she said, “Oh my god, I’m starving!”

Cesar was famished as well, and he didn’t complain as he choked down one of the burnt burgers.

“You’re really brave for eating that,” Natasha commended him.

“I really don’t think you should eat it,” Cesar warned her.  “I don’t want you to get food poisoning! This is like a second honeymoon for us, and I have plans for you.”

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