The Black Widow Chronicle #15

Cesar took Natasha up to their room to show her some of the “plans” he had in mind.  Things got pretty steamy.

“Want to woohoo?” Cesar asked.

“What?  No way!  Not while there’s a photographer in the room!” Natasha snapped at him.  Ever since Cesar became a celebrity, he’d been followed around by annoying paparazzi that had absolutely no respect for his privacy.

He got rid of the intrusive photographer and shared an intimate moment with his wife.  They dreamed about each other all night.

In the morning, Cesar called home to check on Yulia while Natasha listened to a cooking tabcast and studied some techniques from a five star chef.  She headed down to the kitchen to practice cooking and made some fantastic burgers.

Meanwhile, Cesar went out for a jog and was very proud of himself for becoming strong.

It warmed his heart to see his wife was still studying when he returned.

Natasha whipped up some evil cookies, then gave the paparazzi something to gossip about!

In the morning, she went for a jog too while Cesar stayed at the base camp and learned another foreign recipe.  Then they decided they’d had enough of France and returned home.  Both of them were anxious to see their baby girl again.

Natasha went straight into the livingroom where Yulia was playing with her toy blocks.  She picked the little girl up to tickle her and told her, “Mommy missed you so much!”

While they were away, Kinslee had to work and had hired a babysitter to watch Yulia.  The babysitter was named Mendy Lau, and thankfully she had been very attentive and took excellent care of Yulia.  Mendy stayed over an extra day to help while Yulia’s parents recovered from their jet lag.

“It’s so great to be home again,” Cesar said to Natasha when she came to bed.  “I had fun in France, but I missed our bed.”

It turned out that their little vacation was good for them in more ways than just reviving their romance.

Cesar earned a permanent raise at work and was promoted to Vice President of the Sahara Corporation.

That night, Natasha returned to work and also received a raise and promotion for taking care of the special delivery her boss requested.

Natasha was promoted to Bagwoman and she was slightly torn that she would soon need to make a choice between thieving and more evil work for the crime syndicate.  She was an excellent thief, but she dreamed of becoming the Empress of Evil.

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11 Responses to The Black Widow Chronicle #15

  1. livideadoll says:

    This is amazing!! Love the story you’ve set up!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you very much! I really enjoy playing these sims and writing the story, and it’s a real pleasure for me to be able to share it with fellow sims fans! I signed up to follow your Legacy blog too 8) Thanks for sharing the link on the Sims 3 site and keep up the good work!

      • livideadoll says:

        Thanks I followed your blog back 🙂 I’m working on a new chapter right now 🙂 this generation is being used to promote a cause which is close to my heart

      • enkeli63 says:

        That’s a really good idea 🙂 Way to go! I wish you the best of luck with your Legacy. I have never been able to complete a Legacy in Sims 3 due to some type of game-breaking bug or glitch that inevitably destroyed every Legacy I’ve tried! I could never get beyond Generation 5 (thought I always played on Long Life age setting until I could customize the length of their life stages.) My last Legacy (Frost Legacy, still available in this blog) was so much fun! I was really upset when my game died on me. I stopped playing Sims 3 for a year. I went on to play Sims Medieval and I made the Kingdom Legacy and completed it 😀 I still have a Medieval story on the go, but all my screenshots are on my back up hard drive that I haven’t unpacked since my last move. Anyways, I hope you have a lot better luck with your Legacy than I’ve had with mine 😛

  2. livideadoll says:

    Thank you! By the way your blog is now featured on my blog roll with some of my other favorites! 🙂

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