The Black Widow Chronicle #16

Natasha saw the unicorn again when she was coming home from work.  She stopped to give him some affection, but it seemed Midnight had forgotten all about her.

Yulia was still awake and playing in the spare bedroom.

When Cesar woke up in the morning, he put Yulia to bed and read a story to her before going to work.  After work, he spent some special time with his daughter because it was almost her birthday.

He bought Yulia some leathers of her own.

Then he took Yulia for a day on the town.  As they went by the bookstore, Yulia saw some storybooks she wanted and Cesar bought them for her.

On their way back home, they bumped into Vex outside the grocery store.  Cesar chatted with her briefly before Vex went inside and robbed the place!

After Yulia was in bed, Cesar called a repairman to fix their broken dishwasher, then tried to cook some dinner for himself.

The repairman received an intense shock from the broken appliance, and the incident distracted Cesar from his cooking.

“Look what you made me do!” he shouted at the repairman.

He gasped in horror when the repairman was electrocuted again and fell dead on the floor.

The Grim Reaper appeared in the kitchen and collected the repairman’s soul.  Before leaving, he chuckled and said to Cesar, “Keep up the good work!”

That night Cesar had terrible nightmares that the yard was full of dead repairmen and the police were coming for him.  He had nothing but a garden spade to dig a hole with, and was frantically digging to hide the bodies when he woke up from his bad dream.

He went to Yulia’s room and woke her up, saying, “Guess who’s having a birthday today?”

He brought her downstairs and attacked her with the claw one last time before she’d be too old for that silly game.

Natasha baked cookies and invite everyone over for Yulia’s birthday party.

The guest gathered around and socialized while the birthday girl played with a new toy her mother gave her.

Finally it was time for Yulia to blow out her candles.

Yulia aged up to child stage and everyone gathered around to enjoy birthday cake and cookies with her.

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  1. Rockleyfamily says:

    Just caught up on your story, I love it! I’ll be keeping an eye on this for updates 🙂

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