The Black Widow Chronicle #17

Yulia played pinball with her Dad after her birthday party ended. She wished she could win a game against him, but he was too good for her to beat.

She said goodnight to Cesar and got ready for bed. She was excited to be able to sleep in the fancy bed she’d been admiring from her crib for so long.

When Natasha returned home from work, she was shocked to see a police car outside their home!

The officer took one look at the house and knew who lived there. The cops had been bribed by the crime syndicate to stay away from the Romanova house, so he just got back in his car and drove off.

Natasha walked inside to see a burglar hopping and screaming in the entrance hall.

“N00b!” she snickered at the inept burglar.

A moment later, her sarcasm turned to distress from the piercing noise of the security system.

“Get out of my house so I can shut off that noise!” she yelled.

Upstairs, Yulia was fast asleep.

Over breakfast, Natasha asked Yulia, “Were you frightened by the burglary last night?”

“Huh? We had a burglary?” Yulia was totally clueless.

“I just want you to know that you’re safe,” Natasha continued. “Your Dad and I would never let anyone harm you in any way… Now quick, give me a hug before you leave for school.”

“I love you, Mom!”

“I love you too. Have a great first day!” Natasha kissed her daughter’s cheek then turned away quickly so Yulia wouldn’t see the tears in her eyes.

Yulia was a little nervous about her first day of school because she didn’t know what the other kids would be like or what kind of teacher she would get.

By noon, she already made a new friend and phoned home to ask if she could invite her new playmate over after school.

Natasha cooked Dim Sum for the kids and had it ready when they got off the school bus.

Cesar tried the Dim Sum but it was dreadful!

That night, Natasha was promoted to Con Artist at work, and she decided to donate her bonus to undermine another charity.

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