The Black Widow Chronicle #18

In the morning, Yulia played dress-up and stomped around the house in her dinosaur costume, roaring and clawing at the air!

She tried once more to win a game of pinball against Cesar, but the school bus came and she had to leave before they could finish the game.

Natasha decided to make crepes for breakfast. “I’ll put lots of whipped cream on!” she said to herself, believing that would make her family appreciate her cooking more.

The crepes turned out perfect, but no one else was home to enjoy them. She wondered, “Maybe it’s the pressure? I can cook for myself just fine… usually!”

She decided to hit the treadmill and burn off all the extra calories from the whipped cream.

That afternoon, Cesar was promoted to CEO of the Sahara Corporation, fulfilling his lifetime wish. He did a little celebration dance outside the office.

When he got home, Natasha was doing a cardio workout in the livingroom. “Hey Babe, I got another promotion today!” he told her proudly. “Mind if I join you? I’m feeling a bit fat today…”

Cesar changed into his athletic clothes and began exercising with his wife.

When Yulia got home, she joined in without asking any questions.

After twenty minutes, she looked at her Dad and questioned, “How long do we need to do this?”

“Until your mother finally passes out from exhaustion!” Cesar laughed. “Do you want help with your homework, Yulia?”

“Yes, please!”

Natasha napped until it was time for her to go to work. She got up and hugged Yulia before running out to the carpool.

Natasha earned another promotion at work and finally had to choose between evil deeds and thievery. She decided that she had more than enough experience as a thief and chose evil deeds as her path.  She became a Henchman.

When she arrived back home, she made herself a nightcap to celebrate her promotion while Cesar did some laundry in the middle of the night.

Cesar grabbed his wife and took her upstairs to congratulate her on her promotion.

“We are so great!” he told her. “We should think about having another baby.”  Natasha said nothing, but accepted his romantic advances.

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