The Black Widow Chronicle #19

Yulia’s class went on a field trip to the Area 52 Research Facility.

The scientists showed the children some aliens preserved in large glass cylinders and taught them that aliens are their “space brothers,” and they come from a planet called Damodaris Nine to make friends and share flowers.

After school, Yulia started exercising on her own in the family room. When her mother came and joined her, she said, “I signed up for ballet today, Mom! I thought I would exercise and get in shape for it.”

“You’ll be a fantastic dancer!” Natasha told her. “Now, bend your knees! And one.. and two… bend a little more!”

That night, Natasha got ready for her first night on the job as a Henchman. She was pleased with her new costume.

After her mother left for work, Yulia approached her Dad and said, “Thanks for cooking dinner, Dad. Your cooking is so much better than Mom’s!”

“Don’t tease your mother, that’s not very nice!” Cesar scolded her. “She tries hard, and that’s what counts.”

Yulia apologized and Cesar could see she felt bad, so he offered to read her a bedtime story. Yulia curled up in the big bed in the spare room and listened while Cesar read to her.

He read until Yulia fell asleep, then closed the book and tried to wait up for his wife to get home.

Natasha had quite an eventful night at work! She had to duel against another villain in a futuristic arena. She defeated the weak, egotistical guy, and was rewarded with another promotion. Now she was a Sidekick.

Cesar was already fast asleep when she got home and climbed into bed. There would be no baby-making that night.

The next afternoon, Natasha spotted an adorable stray cat on their porch and she decided to brush it.

“Let’s go inside and get away from that crazy lady—she pees on the floor!”

Natasha took the kitty inside and snuggled her.

“I’m going to call you Melia Blackpaw,” she said to the cat. Then she set up the Auto-Noms pet feeder for Melia.

“Now you will never go hungry again,” she continued talking to the cat. “There’s a sensor on the Auto-Noms and it’ll fill up whenever you’re hungry!”

Yulia was very surprised when she got home from school. “A kitty!” she exclaimed.

She introduced herself to Melia and they played for several hours.

When Natasha got ready for work that night, she was horrified at the costume she had to wear!

“This is the most ridiculous outfit ever,” she grumbled and went out the back door, hoping no one would see her dressed like that.

When she got home, she went straight to the dresser to make a better costume.

“Hmm, that’s a little better,” she said as she checked herself out the mirror, “but I’ve got to do something about that stupid hat!”

“Yeah, that’s much more like it!”

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