The Black Widow Chronicle #20

For the first time in her life, Melia Blackpaw curled up indoors and slept in a warm, safe place. She was so grateful for being adopted by the Romanova family!

In the morning, she met Cesar in the kitchen and he was affectionate and kind to her, and filled her pet feeder with gourmet food.

When Yulia woke up, she played with Melia and groomed her. Melia felt pretty and loved.

That afternoon, Cesar approached Natasha and said, “Hey Baby! Let’s call a sitter and go out on a date.”

Natasha was excited about that idea and got dressed to go out with her husband.

Cesar took her out in the company limousine.

They went to Cesar’s Purlieu, which was packed like usual. They played on the slot machines in the casino. After kicking her machine, Natasha had good luck on the slots.

Cesar, on the other hand, had terrible luck. He kept losing, even after he tried to hack the machine. Then he received a phone call from Yulia letting him know that the whole family was just invited to a party at Vex Pilfer’s house.

“Come on,” he said to Natasha, “let’s pick up Yulia and go to the party.”

Yulia was the only kid at the party, and she struggled to have any fun at all. After a very boring conversation about cookies with Vex’s lover, she gave up.

Natasha and Cesar were dancing up a storm in the front room.

They were the only ones having a good time at the party, and their host decided to go to bed early. Natasha and Cesar decided to keep their date going and they headed out on the town.

Meanwhile, Yulia returned home to play with the cat.

“They play such good music here!” Cesar exclaimed as he and his wife danced at Mirage.

“I love this place,” Natasha agreed.

That’s when Cesar surprised her with flowers and said, “I love you!”

Natasha thought their date couldn’t be more romantic and magical, but on their way home, they saw the unicorn again.

“Look, it’s Midnight!” Cesar called out as he dashed toward the unicorn.

After petting the majestic animal for a few minutes, Cesar bowed to him and asked, “Wont you please do us the honour of joining our family?”

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