The Black Widow Chronicle #21

Yulia woke up to the sound of Midnight’s whinnying. She jumped out of bed and ran outside to see, and there was Midnight, relaxing in the stall in the backyard.

Yulia took him out of the stall and started getting to know him.

Midnight sniffed her and let her rub his neck, then he blessed her!

“Mom! There’s a unicorn in the yard!” she gasped as she ran into the kitchen.

Natasha smiled as she continued making breakfast. “I know. Your Dad and I brought him home last night, for you, because you’re such a good girl!”

Yulia thanked her mother profusely, then grabbed a plate of crepes and sat down to try them. When Cesar joined them for breakfast, she blurted out, “The crepes were really good! I ate my whole serving!”

That afternoon, Yulia went out with her bicycle to find several kinds of beetles for a scavenger hunt her school was hosting.

She was able to find and capture all the required beetles before dinnertime.

That night after dinner, Cesar and Natasha were reading together at the table, and Cesar suggested, “Let’s go out dancing again! That was so much fun.”

They returned to the Mirage and tried club dancing.

“Uh, are you all right?” Cesar asked when Natasha tripped and fell on the dance floor.

She stood up and brushed herself off. “How embarrassing,” she muttered under her breath. Then she said to her husband, “Do you still want to try for a baby?”

They walked off with that look of passion in their eyes.

Natasha cornered him in the elevator!

When the doors opened again, Cesar was fixing his pants.

A photographer from the local newspaper was outside the elevator and snapped a few quick pictures of them, but the couple said nothing and just calmly walked by the paparazzi.

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  1. Rockleyfamily says:

    Haha, her face at the end! So “innocent” haha”
    I hope Yulia gets a little brother or sister. 🙂

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