The Black Widow Chronicle #23

That night, Yulia dreamed about the spacemen from Damodaris Nine. In her dream they came to make friends with her but she was afraid of them and ran away.

She woke up and put the dream out of her mind.

No one else was awake, so she grabbed some leftovers from the fridge to eat before school.

Melia jumped on the bed and woke Cesar up. He was just about to yell at her for it, when he decided to go and spend time with Yulia before school.

They sat and chatted while Yulia finished her breakfast. “Have a good day at school!” Cesar said to her as she cleaned up her breakfast dishes.

Natasha was just arriving home when Yulia was on her way to catch the school bus.

“Hi Mom,” she said as they passed by each other.

“Oh, I’m so tired I’m like sleepwalking,” Natasha mumbled.

“Get some sleep. See you later!”

Yulia ran to the bus and Natasha went upstairs to bed with her husband, who had the day off from work.

Cesar woke up in the afternoon and decided to let Natasha continue sleeping. He headed over to the Lucky Simoleon Casino to try his luck on their slot machines.

Natasha finally woke up just before 6 pm. She took a quick shower, then went to make dinner for her family.

The whole house was dark and Natasha wondered where her husband and daughter were, but she got to work on dinner anyhow.

“Mmmm, smells delicious!” Cesar complimented. He came in just as Natasha was finishing the cooking.

“Where’s Yulia? I thought she was with you,” Natasha questioned.

“No, I was at the casino. I thought Yulia had ballet practice.”

“It’s Wednesday. Yulia doesn’t have ballet on Wednesday!” Natasha’s voice was filled with panic.

Even though he was starving, Cesar promised to go find Yulia. “She must’ve gone to her friend Shayna’s house,” he said. “I’ll go pick her up and we can eat that delicious meal you made for us!”

Cesar arrived at Shayna Leone’s house and ran up the front steps to greet Shayna’s mother.

“Tell Yulia it’s time to go home now,” he said to the woman.

“Yulia isn’t here, Mr. Romanova.”

That’s when Cesar’s panic kicked into overdrive. “Oh my god! My daughter is missing! She hasn’t been home since she left for school!”

“She wasn’t at Shayna’s place,” Cesar reported with dismay when he got back home.

Natasha cried out, then immediately grabbed her phone and said, “I’m calling the police!”

She waited on the porch for the police and it was already very dark outside.

“What? There’s no burglar here!” the officer said when he got to the front door. “You should be arrested for making a false report.”

“No, wait! My little girl is missing! You’ve got to help us find her!”

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