The Black Widow Chronicle #25

Natasha listened to the officer as long as she could stand it, then became annoyed and said, “I think it’s time for you to leave. Bye now!”

When the cops left, she broke down and sobbed helplessly.

Cesar held her while she cried and tried to encourage her to stay strong and not lose hope.

After another night with barely any sleep, Natasha went into the bathroom to talk with her husband. “I have to go to court today,” she reminded him.

“I’ll get dressed and go with you.”

“No, you’ve got to stay here in case they bring Yulia home,” she insisted.

Natasha got off without even a fine, because the police had no evidence against her, but it was a hassle that she really didn’t need to go through at such an awful time.

That afternoon, Cesar took Midnight for a ride to get his own mind off his troubles.

When they returned home, Midnight blessed him. Cesar still had a lot of pent-up energy, so he ran on the treadmill for a while.

Even that didn’t make him feel any better, and he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Meanwhile, Natasha phoned her best friend. “They sent over this fake cop!” she told Vex.

“She was all, ‘Don’t take matters in your own hands,’ and blah blah blah. But they’re not doing anything!”

Natasha started getting angry and went out to take out her frustrations on her enemy.

“Hello, Black Widow,” Morgan greeted her at the door. “I heard about your daughter. Has she been found yet?”

“No. Is your mother-in-law home?”

Morgan chuckled, “Yeah. Have at her!”

“What are you doing here?” the old woman managed to ask before taking Natasha’s fist to her mouth.

Natasha beat up Mrs. Kravitz for old-time’s sake, and dusted herself off before leaving for a jog.

Cesar was at home posting messages about his missing daughter online.

He too went out for a jog when his emotions overwhelmed him again. When he got home, Natasha was asleep on the sofa, and he prepared a meal for them.

They were just about to eat when Natasha’s phone rang. Cesar could tell it was the police, and they still had no news for them. “Please don’t stop looking for her,” Natasha pleaded before ending the call.

That night, Natasha couldn’t sleep and she woke up in the early morning hours.

She put on her work costume and went out to cause mayhem.

She decided to blow up some abandoned cars.

The explosion sent debris flying through the air and rattled the windows of the nearby buildings.

Cesar was shocked when he saw his wife come in the front door. “Oh my God! Are you okay?”

“I’m feeling much better, actually. I was just out blowing stuff up.”

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