The Black Widow Chronicle #27

After a long flight, Natasha found herself in China, but she couldn’t outrun her heartache. She felt like her whole life was over. She lost everything that ever mattered to her.

“How can I go on?” she asked herself, then cried over the loss of her beloved husband.

Meanwhile, Cesar was beside himself with worry. He had no idea where Natasha had gone, so he tracked down her best friend to try to get information.

“I said terrible things to Natasha when I was angry,” he explained to Vex, “but I’ve got to find her! Do you have any idea where she might be?”

“I heard she requested access to the safe house in China, so I think she went there,” Vex replied. “Do you need someone to watch your place while you’re gone? I can take care of the pets and be there in case they find Yulia.”

“Thank you so much!” Cesar said and hugged Vex in gratitude.

He went to China as fast as he could get there, and followed Vex’s directions to the safe house.

Natasha was asleep on the sofa when he arrived.

“Thank God you’re all right!” Cesar cried out when he saw her.

“Please forgive me, I was such a jerk!” he said to Natasha. “I didn’t mean those things!”

“I thought you didn’t want me anymore,” Natasha told him through her tears.

“Oh, Sweetie!” He caressed her cheek gently and said, “How could I not want you? I’m nothing without you! Nothing but a guy who was once a frog.”

“I love you so much, Cesar! I’m so sorry for arguing with you.”

“Let’s go home,” Cesar suggested.

They were both exhausted from the long flight when they returned home.

Cesar prepared dinner while Natasha snuggled her cat and told her, “I missed you so much!”

Neither of them had eaten well while they were apart, so they were happy to have a nice meal together! Cesar was getting quite good at making burgers.

Natasha decided to go to work that night. It was after midnight when Cesar received a phone call from the police. He phoned Natasha and told her to come home right away.

Officer Contreras arrived with Yulia. What a sight to see!

Cesar hugged his little girl so tight she almost couldn’t breathe. “I’m so happy to see you!” he cried. “I was so worried about you.”

“We have someone in custody,” Officer Contreras explained. “But it’s late and you need time with your family. We can talk tomorrow.”

Natasha arrived home and said to Contreras, “Thank you for bringing my baby home safe! I am in your debt.”

“I’m just happy to be able to reunite your family,” he replied.

Natasha embraced Yulia and Officer Contreras left. “Oh my God, I’m so happy to see you again!” she said to Yulia. “What happened to you? Where were you?”

“If it’s okay… I don’t really want to talk about it right now,” Yulia answered. “I’m so tired, and I just want to go to bed.”

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