The Black Widow Chronicle #29

Yulia dreamed that her parents were having another baby and she got to be a big sister finally.

Her dream was about to come true! Natasha and Cesar found out they were expecting another baby.

“You’re particularly radiant!” Yulia pointed out when they were exercising together after school.

Natasha laughed and explained, “It’s my special evil glow. It gives me the power to scare away stupid people.”

Cesar and Midnight won another horse race that night. Cesar was getting quite enthusiastic about the horse racing circuit and hoped to win lots of trophies with Midnight.

After everyone went to bed, a burglar broke into their house!

Melia hissed at him and arched her back to look bigger and scarier. The burglar ignored her and tried to flee, but got stuck at the front door and started panicking.

Cesar picked up Melia and carried her away from the burglar to protect her.

Officer Contreras responded to the alarm and went straight upstairs to check on Natasha and make sure Yulia was all right. “Congratulations on your new baby!” he said to Natasha.

“Aren’t you going to catch the burglar?” she wondered.

She headed down to the kitchen to bake some cookies, and Contreras said, “Hey sorry, it seems the burglar got away. We’ll catch him next time!”

Then he walked right passed the burglar and didn’t even try to apprehend him!

Natasha worked out most of the day, hoping she wouldn’t gain too much pregnancy weight.

Cesar came home from a short day at the office and started making plans to buy a new business to surprise his wife.

Natasha picked up Yulia after ballet practice and asked her, “Would you like to go to the spa with me?” She knew Yulia wasn’t ready to talk about what happened to her, but she needed something to help her feel more relaxed and comfortable.

They went to the spa together in a limo.

They both got a Soothing Salvation package treatment at the spa while Cesar and Midnight were enjoying another horse race. It was nearly Yulia’s bedtime when the girls finished at the spa.

“I’m so excited about the baby!” Yulia told her mom as she rubbed Natasha’s tummy and felt the baby kick.

“Here’s something for my little brother or sister,” she said and handed a gift box to her mother.

“Oh thank you, Yulia! That’s so sweet of you!”

Yulia said to her, “I’ll tell you a secret. You’re my best friend.”

They went home and Natasha got Yulia settled in bed, and then went into labour!

Cesar took her to the hospital.

After several hours, Natasha gave birth to their son, Alexei.

Yulia rushed downstairs to greet her parents and see the baby when they got back home.

Cesar took several photos of their new baby to add to the collection of photos from when Yulia was born.

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4 Responses to The Black Widow Chronicle #29

  1. jadeleine says:

    Awww, their family is growing! I have been enjoying this story so much. You have great talent of making exiting twists and turns but the story still remains as a “feel good” story. There is humor, exitment and love. Can´t wait to read more!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks Jadeleine! I’m glad the part with Yulia wasn’t too upsetting. I wanted something to shake everything up so the happy stuff wouldn’t get boring 😉

  2. nmasa05 says:

    I love this part of the story!

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