The Black Widow Chronicle #30

They moved the big bed out of the extra bedroom and made it ready for Alexei. Cesar was so proud of their new baby boy, and they became good friends within hours of Alexei’s birth.

Yulia became friends with the only other celebrity child in her school, Cricket Irwin. She invited Cricket over to their home after school and helped her with her homework.

Meanwhile, Natasha and Alexei had some bonding time of their own.

She decided to try out her superpower on Cricket, but it seemed the evil glow didn’t scare anyone at all, it simply made them boo and dislike her. “This is a major disappointment,” she told herself.

Natasha and Alexei played together while Cesar prepared some Stu Surprise for Yulia and himself.

As they ate together, he reminded Yulia, “We have court tomorrow… are you ready for that?”

“I don’t look forward to it,” she replied, “but I’m ready.”

Natasha tried not to think about it too much and she played with Alexei as if she hadn’t heard the conversation.

That night when they went to bed, Cesar invited her to chat on the bed some before they went to sleep. “We both have to be prepared for tomorrow,” he said when she relaxed beside him. “It might be very hard for us to not tear that guy apart when we hear what he did to our sweet little girl.”

“I know,” Natasha sighed. “I already want to kill him, but it’s important to Yulia that he experiences official justice.”

In the morning, Cesar played with Alexei briefly before calling a babysitter to take care of him for the afternoon.

Then Natasha, Cesar and Yulia went to the courthouse to attend the trial of Jared Brannon Marley.

Previously, Yulia had completely avoided talking about what happened to her when she was abducted, but she bravely testified that day and revealed every terrible detail. Both of her parents needed to be restrained, but the perpetrator was sentenced to twenty years in prison for his crimes.

Yulia was visibly shaken from testifying, even though she tried to hide her feelings as best as she could.

Natasha was enraged, but she embraced her daughter and praised her. “You were so brave today, Yulia! You did a really great job!”

Cesar tried not to say anything for the moment, because he was too angry about what he heard in the courtroom.

They returned home and Yulia played with Alexei while their parents silently cooked unnecessary meals in the kitchen to keep themselves occupied.

That night, Yulia began working on a novel about her ordeal, in hopes that it would help other people.

The next day was her birthday, and Cesar suggested to Natasha, “Let’s throw a big party for her!”

Cesar invited all of Yulia’s friends from school, as well as the closest friends of the family.

Unfortunately, Endora Kravitz decided to crash the party.

Everyone cheered Natasha on as she pounded on her enemy, except for Officer Contreras, who pretended he couldn’t see.

When it was time to blow out the candles, Natasha was annoyed that Mrs. Kravitz hadn’t left yet.

After getting beat up a second time, Mrs. Kravitz had the nerve to start pointing at Yulia and mocking her!

Natasha beat her again while Yulia went upstairs to fix her hair and pick out some new clothes. Natasha and Endora Kravitz fought several times throughout the party, and Natasha finally won a silver badge for her Winning Streak!

At last, Yulia came downstairs again to let everyone see her new look.

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  1. nmasa05 says:

    I love it! What chapter was yulia abducted? I wan’t to read that chapter.

  2. emilzydiva says:

    Wait… I’m here so far, still reading non stop ATM as I cannot get to sleep!! Do we not get to now what happened to hula when she got abducted?? I was looking forward to knowing! Lol! And I find it really strange how casual it is for Natasha to beat up the poor old lady LOL well it’s really good s far! Maybe I’ll be able to start reading the legacy tonight!! 😀 catching up, slowly but surely! I’m really enjoying it so far!

    • emilzydiva says:

      Yulia** sorry my dads iPad auto-corrected it *rolls eyes*

    • enkeli63 says:

      Some more information about the abduction will be revealed, but not in explicit detail because I felt that was far too upsetting and harsh for the story. I feel the way it does get revealed is gentle, yet clear enough 😉 I hope!

      • enkeli63 says:

        Oh yeah, and Natasha loves beating up that particular old lady! First, it was a job, then it became a bit of a hobby 😛 LOL

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