The Black Widow Chronicle #31

During Yulia’s birthday party, Mrs. Kravitz wasn’t the only one getting hit. Officer Contreras tried flirting with Vex and got slapped silly by her!

Afterward, she sat down with Natasha and complained as they ate cake. “Can you believe the nerve of that guy?”

“He’s really not that bad, for a cop,” Natasha defended him.

The following day, Yulia went for her first day of high school.

Cesar was excited to collect the profits from the diner; they almost had enough money to buy another business. He decided to make a little extra on the slots.

Cesar took Natasha out to a party he was invited to, but it turned out most of the people there were vampires.

“Run Natasha!” he screeched as he bolted out of the house, with a bloodthirsty vampire hot on his heels.

They considered themselves lucky to make it out of there unscathed!

After a lot of hard work, Natasha earned a gold badge for baking evil cookies.

She was especially thrilled because it meant she could quit being the Emperor of Evil. It had been her lifetime wish, but the evil glow was ruining her relationships and she wanted to switch over to the thief branch of the criminal business.

She made a quick call and changed careers.

She had some spare time, so she decided to remove some more abandoned cars around town.

It was such loud fun, and she never got in any real trouble for it.

A boy from school started calling Yulia quite regularly. His name was Sahan Diwan.

Yulia invited him to Alexei’s birthday party, and Sahan asked her to go to the prom with him.

Natasha wasn’t sure if she should trust him with her daughter.

Officer Contreras talked to Natasha outside and confided in her, “Your friend broke my heart!”

“Why don’t you tell her how you feel about her?” she suggested.

He decided to do just that, but she didn’t seem to like it.

Vex felt bad when she saw the look on his face after rejecting him, and she started joking around with him.

“I’m onto your game, Natasha,” she said playfully as she joined the celebration for Alexei.

Everyone gathered around and cheered while Natasha helped Alexei blow out his candle.

Alexei aged up to toddler and had the same red hair as his mother and sister.

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5 Responses to The Black Widow Chronicle #31

  1. nmasa05 says:

    Love it! writing my own story. Take a look!

  2. Rockleyfamily says:

    Love the expression on Natasha’s face when officer contreras is talking about hi broken heart! Hilarious! Another great update 🙂

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks! I thought that was really cute too! And it happened so unexpectedly! I knew he got slapped, but I didn’t realize he was in love with her until he pulled Natasha aside to tell her that! lol Now I’m trying to get them together 🙂

  3. simammadrama says:

    Yulia and Alexei are both so cute, I live their aged up looks

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks! Alexei will probably dye his hair when he’s older, to look like his daddy 😉 I wanted one of them to have Cesar’s looks, but I’ll have to do it artificially!

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