The Black Widow Chronicle #32

Natasha was very proud of her little boy! He was so much like her, and he was very sweet even though he’s evil like she is. Natasha enjoyed her maternity leave, but she was getting anxious to return to work again.

Yulia was happy to be able reforge her bond with Midnight.

After a bit of riding practice, she was able to start entering horse races like her father. She started with a beginner’s race, and Midnight was already very experienced in racing, so they won first place.

Yulia was a very good girl and always helped out at home. She took care of chores without anyone asking her to.

She also taught her little brother how to talk.

Soon it was Prom Night and she went to the dance with Sahan, who picked her up in a white limousine.

Unfortunately she ran home from the dance early, and seemed quite upset.

“Honey, are you okay?” Natasha asked when Yulia came in.

She noticed her daughter was crying and asked her to sit down and talk to her. “What happened?”

“At the prom, I was picked as Prom Queen, and then Sahan tried to kiss me!” Yulia cried. “I freaked out because I don’t want anyone touching me!”

“Is that all that happened?” Natasha wondered.

“No! After I got upset, this other girl named Piper—I hate her! She started calling me a freak. She said everyone hates me because I’m ugly and have massive chipmunk cheeks.” Yulia cried some more.

“That’s not true at all!” Natasha pointed out. “They voted for you to be Prom Queen because everyone loves you, except that stupid Piper girl. She’s just jealous that you’re so beautiful, smart, and friendly.”

“Sahan thinks he’s my boyfriend now,” Yulia complained. “I really don’t want a boyfriend! I don’t want to be like that with anyone…”

Natasha tried not to upset her daughter by talking about what she’d been through, so she just suggested, “You can tell him you want to take things a lot slower. Maybe you could be good friends for a while and see how that goes?”

Yulia nodded and gave a slight smile. “Yeah. Thanks, Mom! You’re the best.”

Natasha was having some problems of her own. Ever since she quit being the Emperor of Evil, she was unable to go to work at all. She couldn’t go back to work as a thief, and she tried to enter the journalism career but couldn’t go to work for them either. She was extremely restless and bored.

That night, she went out to take care of more vehicle removal. First, she stole three cars that had been abandoned outside the bookstore.

Then she blew up the rest.

When she woke up the next day, she told her husband, “I don’t know what to do with myself! Blowing up cars is fun for about a minute… I’m so bored!”

“Maybe you could become self-employed,” Cesar suggested.

Natasha headed over to City Hall and registered to be a self-employed Photographer.

She went to the consignment store and sold her massive collection of photographs that she’d taken over the years. She earned nearly §1000 from selling her old photos.

Cesar earned another raise at work, but he was most fulfilled by the horse racing circuit.

Yulia finished her book and started writing another one.

Yet, no matter how hard they tried, their life was becoming dull and boring. It was frustrating that Natasha couldn’t do the work she loved… The Romanova Family required a major change!

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