The Black Widow Chronicle #33

Natasha taught Alexei how to walk, and soon he would be having another birthday!

The family continued to suffer from boredom, and Yulia decided to take up fishing to help kill time.

Natasha continued with her vehicle removal hobby, despite several fines and warnings from City Hall.

Cesar kept up his horse racing hobby, and he and Midnight finally won an international race.

Yulia started learning how to drive, in the new car her parents bought for her.

“Yulia! Don’t crash the car right in front of the cops!” Natasha shrieked while gripping the door handle for dear life.

Finally they were both stressed and Yulia parked the car.

“This is not how you’re supposed to park,” Natasha snickered.

Mother and daughter walked home together and talked about plans to change their lives forever. When they got home, Natasha read a bedtime story to Alexei.

Yulia decided to take up guitar playing after she mastered the art of fishing.

Cesar’s cure for boredom was much more risque.

“Mind if I join you in there?”

He climbed back out of the shower with a curiously satisfied look on his face.

“Wait for me,” Natasha called to him before she jumped out and dried off. “Let’s go out on the town.”

Yulia babysat her little brother while her parents went out and did adult things in inappropriate locations.

When they returned home in the middle of the night, Natasha said, “I got you something.”

Cesar shook the box and heard paper rattling around. He opened it up to find plane tickets and the deed to a piece of land. “It’s property on a tropical island,” Natasha explained. “We can go there on the weekend, after Alexei’s birthday.”

“That sounds amazing!” Cesar smiled. “I can’t wait!”

At last, Yulia learned how to drive safely.

Then it was finally Alexei’s birthday!

Natasha looked over at her friends that came to the party and whispered, “I’m going to miss you,” but they didn’t hear her because she didn’t want them to.

Alexei rushed upstairs to dye his hair so he could look like his dad.

Then they went to the airport and left Lucky Palms. When they arrived in Sunlit Tides, it was still Sunday because they went to the other side of the world!

Their new house was just off the beach.

Cesar went to the hot tub hut in the backyard and upgraded the hot tub to prevent repair persons from getting electrocuted.

Meanwhile, Natasha gave Yulia a hot stone massage.

Alexei played in the sand and made several sand castles while Midnight played with his new ball.

Melia spent hours meowing at the fish that she was certain were for her!

Everyone loved their new home, but school and work was a million miles from their minds.

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4 Responses to The Black Widow Chronicle #33

  1. jadeleine says:

    Hi! I found this episode very entertaining, maybe I have very weird sence of humor or something but Natasha exploding cars cracks me up everytime rolf :D. Yulia´s car is also looking good! I have never seen that in game before and I have all the EP:s and SP. Is that some kind of reward or accomplishment? Im looking forward for the next episode!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Yulia’s car is from Fast Lane Stuff Pack, there’s nothing special about it really. It just looks cool 😉 Although she has the option to brag about her technologically advanced car, but it’s from the SP. I love when Natasha blows up cars, it’s the most fun way to get rid of abandoned cars! But she did get disgraced a few times because of it 😛

      • jadeleine says:

        Yeah, those abandoned cars are pain…I didn´t know they can be exploded lol :D. Im gonna try that. I have Fast Lane SP but I never saw that car. Next time I play, I need to look for it. Thank you :)!

      • enkeli63 says:

        As long as your sim has high enough inventing skill to detonate things, you can blow up all the abandoned cars in town. If they’re not a celebrity sim, the only consequence is some fines. 😛 Of course, klepto sims can also steal three cars per night and sell them off. lol The car is called the Rock Town something.

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