The Black Widow Chronicle #35

The next day, Natasha was enjoying a lovely sauna with her cat when she received a party invitation from the Kahale family.

Cesar was out holding meetings again when he got the invitation, so he was the first to arrive at the party.

“Welcome to my home, Mr. Romanova!” said Alana Kahale when he arrived.

“Thanks for inviting me. My wife and kids will be here soon,” he told the party hostess.

Natasha was famished, so she immediately dug into some Lobster Thermidor that was served for the guests.

Yulia helped herself to a drink…

Cesar couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he saw the dancing fool that showed up while he was playing foosball.

Alexei took after his mother in all ways, and stole the shower from the upstairs bathroom of the Kahales’ home, then let out a wicked laugh.

After eating some of the lobster, Cesar told Alana, “That was the most delicious lobster I’ve ever eaten.”

“I add a little pineapple to it to give it that tropical taste,” Alana explained. “Here, I’ll give you the recipe.” Cesar squealed like a fangirl as she wrote down her secret ingredients for him.

“Hey, do my fingers smell weird to you?” party guest, Kimo Hale, asked Yulia.

She sniffed his hand and told him, “Yeah, your hands smell kind of funky!”

“What in Hell’s llama pit is going on here?” Natasha asked when she stumbled on her daughter’s strange interaction with an older man.

“Nothing, Mom,” Yulia replied with an epic eye-roll. She went to enjoy the Kahales’ sauna for a little while.

The hot steam and the spiked punch she’d been drinking was all a little too much for Yulia and she passed out!

When she regained consciousness, she wandered out of the sauna to look for her parents, who had already left.

“Stop right there, young lady!” She turned to see a police car outside the Kahale home. “You’re under arrest for under-aged drinking and being out after curfew!”

Once again, the peace of the night was ruined as the cop drove Yulia home with the siren blaring.

Natasha was waiting for her at the edge of the street.

Natasha laughed wickedly as she plotted ways to punish her daughter. Then she slowly walked into the house.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she began shouting at Yulia. “Do you have any idea how worried we were?”

“Mom! It’s not my fault,” Yulia whined. “I passed out in the sauna and when I came to, you guys had left me!

“That’s you’re excuse?” Natasha questioned in disgust. “I can’t believe you would be so careless! Sniffing strange men’s hands and drinking and passing out! I thought you would remember how dangerous men can be!”

When Yulia started to cry, Natasha realized how cruel she’d just been to her precious daughter. “Oh my God, Yulia! I’m so sorry!”

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