Supernatural Gameplay part 1

I got the Supernatural EP when it was released in Finland on September 6th, and I’ve been playing it a lot since then!  I made some test sims because I didn’t want to try out new things with my Romanova family–in case I messed them up!

My test sims are Billy the Werewolf, Angelina the Fairy, Gayle the Witch and Reece the Genie.  They all share a house that came with the EP (but I forgot the name of it).  They’re all young adult sims.

The first thing I did was send Reece to go and get a job as a psychic.  Here she is riding on her broom!

Moonlight Falls is always kind of foggy and it’s a real change for me, especially since I was playing in sunny and bright Sunlit Tides just the day before getting this EP!

Billy the Werewolf turned to werewolf form pretty quickly (after getting attacked by bees!)

It took me a while to figure out how to do things with the werewolf.  He got his werewolf skills up by practicing fighting with the first werewolf he met (Larry from the consignment store).  Finally I figured out how he could get Larry to join a pack with him and then I was able to click on the ground and get them to hunt as a pack.  I don’t know what level of lycanthropy skill is needed for that because I practiced fighting a lot first.

My favourite sim in the group of roommates is definitely Angelina.  She’s a sweet sim and fairies are awesome!  Here she is using her soothing aura.  I left it on while she slept in the fairy house, and her fairy skills improved rapidly that way.

Here she is in sprite form, going into the fairy house to sleep.

I had trouble with my witch sim, Gayle.  She didn’t have a magic meter and couldn’t cast spells or play with magic.  All she could do was conjure apples.  I was not able to fix her, so I deleted her and remade her in Create-A-Sim.  Then added the new version of her to the household and she worked just fine.  Here she is trying out her fire blast spell for the first time, on some random woman she met at the potion shop.

I had a death flower in Gayle’s inventory in case the spell backfired 😉

After the sim got singed, Gayle was unable to cast the fire spell on her again.  I don’t know if it’s possible to kill sims with magic–but maybe.

Reece advanced in her psychic career and was able to give personal readings.  I really liked that a lot!

Finally it was time for the full moon!

The Limited Edition peashooter seems to be quite essential during the full moon!  I placed several of them on my sims’ lot, facing different directions.  When a zombie spawns, you can click on the peashooter and order it to attack the zombie.  Here’s the first zombie encounter in my game.

The garden gate is locked and zombies have never gotten in there to eat the plants.  The peashooter finally knocked out the zombie after a couple of shots.

Once the zombie is down, it is cured of it’s zombie affliction.  It sleeps briefly, then gets up and goes home.  I had three zombie encounters on the full moon and the peashooters got them all.

Angelina was a little frightened during the full moon though–sleeping outside in that fairy house made her feel a little uneasy.  So she went inside and woke up Billy.

They were already good friends, and Billy wanted to move their relationship forward.  After a little flirting, he tried to kiss her.

Angelina wasn’t ready for that just yet–possibly because she’s a proper fairy, or maybe Billy was just rushing things too much.  Either way, Angelina was quite polite and gentle in her rejection.

The next day, Billy ran around town hunting to get his mind off things.

Later, he asked Angelina for some fairy dust.  I don’t know what it does, but she gave him some.

He talked to her about his feelings (he’s a brooding sim).

She was very impressed listening to his poetic expressions of affection and devotion.  She then gave him the flight of felicity blessing.

Then Billy was able to fly a little bit!

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims!

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