Supernatural Gameplay part 2

I have a pretty busy household in Supernatural!  Angelina is always busy for half the day with her gardening.  She’s trying to earn the Profitable Botany badge for selling §50,000 worth of harvestables.

Billy is a self-employed author.  He hasn’t written many books yet because he’s so busy doing werewolf stuff, but he did write a lovely poetry book while he was trying to win Angelina’s love.

It worked for him, and he finally got that first kiss with Angelina!

Reece has been very busy with her psychic career and talking to friends on the phone (because she’s a social butterfly), but she often finds time to take care of the bees.  She’s been attacked a few times, though I admit that I love the way they scream during the attack!  lol

Gayle is very busy working at her self-employed Alchemist career.  She’s learned how to make all the potions now.  I find the most useful ones for me are the Jar of Potent Friendship, Essence of Magic, Potent Invigorating Elixir, and Potent Wish Enhancing Serum (I think those are the right names).  I also love to have multiple Lean and Mean potions on hand because I don’t like fat sims.

I discovered that werewolves have funny table manners.

Spicy food isn’t good for any sims!  Although it’s funny, I think Angelina should stop growing the chilli peppers.  I don’t like the negative moodlet from eating spicy foods.

A friend of mine from the Sims 3 site (scrapper42) tipped me off to the trick of putting the piles of tiberium dust on the ground.  This is amazing!

Place them on the ground and wait a while.

The piles of dust grow to large spire cut tiberium gemstones, and their value multiplies by 10,000!  lol  A pile of dust worth §35 can easily become worth §35,000 or even more!  My sims are absolutely loaded from this little trick!

Billy finally asked Angelina to marry him.

Meanwhile, Gayle is flirting with a married man.  She ran into him and his wife at the Red Velvet Lounge and turned his wife into a toad.

She also hit the poor woman with a fire blast spell while Reece was giving a private reading to the husband.

After a little love charm, the husband was really into Gayle!

Gayle took him home to have a private date night with him, but the toad woman followed them and wasn’t happy with his behaviour!

She slapped him silly, so Gayle went after her some more.

This fire spell definitely doesn’t seem to be lethal to the victims at all.  Perhaps it would kill mummies, as they are so flammable, but I think it wont ever kill other sims.  Anyways, this incident ruined Gayle’s date.  The husband told her she was selfish and self-centered and he left.  Bummer!

When the next full moon came, Angelina and Billy got married under the moon.

It was awesome!  There were zombies attacking, a ghost haunting, and several supernatural guests attended.

I highly recommend an outdoor wedding during the full moon!  It’s beautiful and exciting.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Super funny! Loved the Spicy Food pic, I’ll have to try that! Thanks for the tiberium dust tip! I’ll definately try that! Happy Simming! ~PrincessGabby (aka The_Mad_Princess on Sims 3)

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked the pictures. The tip was given to me by scrapper42, but it is surely awesome so I had to pass it on! I’m glad you liked this post, and I hope you’ll enjoy my other ones too. I’ll return to my Black Widow Chronicle story as soon as I finish up a few things with my supernatural sims. I want to bring the supernatural into Black Widow’s life and see how that goes 😉

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