Supernatural Gameplay part 4

Malina had her birthday two days before her werewolf twin sister, for some reason.  She looks awesome!  She flies around when playing tag, which is very cute!  She likes to play tricks on her imaginary friend.

One time it backfired on her!

She also loves playing on the train.  The adult fairies can do this too.

Reece is still horribly alone.  I don’t think she’s going to find anyone to love.

Gayle found another man that she likes a lot more than James.  This is Shan Pena, with a bit of a makeover.  I don’t know if he was originally in Moonlight Falls or if he moved in after awhile.  He was single, although I later found he had some kids with a woman he was living with.  That’s odd.

When Karina had her birthday, her first wish was to turn into a werewolf, so I let her.

She is a beautiful little girl, but she looks hilarious as a werewolf!  She likes to practice hunting and scratches the furniture sometimes.


The transformation back to human.

That’s some serious shedding right there!  No wonder they always make jokes about shedding 😉

I discovered that Bonehilda’s favourite passtime is kicking gnomes.

Reece gets attacked by the bees quite often.

Here’s Billy using the awesome Philosopher’s Stone to turn a large space rock into gold!

It works on all sorts of things, but the space rocks are best because they’re so heavy.

Here’s Billy helping Malina with her homework.

Gayle was on a date with Shan, when James saw them and accused her of cheating.  (Of course, he is a married man himself, what a hypocrite!)

Gayle broke it off with him and said they should just be friends.  Her idea of being friends is pretty funny, but you’ll see that in a little bit.  First, she needed to continue her date with Shan.

James got flirty with a random tourist.  Perhaps he was trying to make Gayle jealous, or else he’s just not a very nice sim.

Gayle and Shan had some intimate time in the Gypsy Caravan.

She soon discovered that she’s pregnant!  That’s a nice dress for maternity wear, but it has some issues.  While wearing the dress, Gayle had no baby bump.  It was only visible in her pajamas, although she still walked like a pregnant woman.

She called Shan to come over and then announced her pregnancy to him.

He was delighted and enjoyed rubbing her tummy while the baby bump was visible.

He threw a party and invited Gayle over.  Gayle got to see James at the party.  “Take that, you cowardly cheater man!”

“Hahaha!  That’s what you get for being a jerk.”

Karina is a brave sim.  She checks under her bed for monsters all the time.

She always checks, but she’s never seen one.  I wonder if it’s because of the brave trait.

Malina checked once and got the fright of her life!

She ran out to the fairy house to sleep while I was being impressed by the monster under the bed.

Gayle had her baby–a little witch boy she named Damien.

She got engaged to Shan.

I tried to get them married, but was unable to complete the process.  Once it came time to choose who would move with him (showing the kids and his ex-partner) the game would start processing my choice, but it wouldn’t finish.  I had to use the task manager to quit the game both times I tried.  I gave up after that.

Unfortunately, my game soon experienced game-breaking glitches.  I restarted several times, but it kept getting worse, with sims turning invisible and everything.  I had to move them to the lot library and start a new game in Moonlight Falls.  I moved them in and it seemed everything was fine, but the fish in their aquariums were gone.  They were fish that Gayle acquired by converting apples into other things.  I had three pairs of rare fish in their own aquariums, hoping to breed them.  They were a bit glitchy though, and when I made the new game, they were gone.  I suspect there is some issue with those converted fish?

So now they’re in a new game and don’t have any of their old friends.  Gayle can’t marry the father of her baby.  But on the bright side, the zombie problem has been resolved!  Now I wont make the mistake of saving during the full moon again, and I can go back to enjoying zombie-free days and nights.  They didn’t bother me that much, but it is much nicer when the full moon is a special event and the only time I see zombies.

This is also why I’m not continuing my Black Widow Chronicle story until after Supernatural is patched.  I don’t want to lose my Romanova family because they’re my favourite!  I’m already quite attached to my supernatural sims and didn’t want to lose them last night when I experienced bad glitches.  I suggest making a new save frequently because some things can go seriously wrong.

Anyways, stay tuned for another update on my supernatural sims 😉

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  1. Tolu says:

    Hi, I enjoy your stories a lot! Have you tried locating the father of Gayle’s Baby’s home and then move him out on his own into a lot. After that, you could move him to the library and then attach him when you go into edit town mode of the new game. Its worth a try. 🙂

    • enkeli63 says:

      My game crashed whenever I tried to add him to their household, and she lost her connection with him when they had to move anyways. It’s all right, she did fine as a single mother, and it worked out better for Damien’s character. He’s had a hard life, but it’s given him a lot of personality! I’m really glad you’re enjoying the story 🙂

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