Supernatural Gameplay part 5

After my sims moved to a new Moonlight Falls neighborhood, I had some more glitches come up in my game.  Now Angelina’s magic meter no longer refills (but she can use her magic) and her age got reset to the beginning of her life stage–I think these glitches were caused by using the dresser to update one of her outfits.  Gayle lost all of her witch abilities for some reason, and I had to change her to human in CAS, then back to witch.  In the process, she lost all her progress toward her lifetime wish.

I also have the gardening bug that causes plants to stop growing and the sims have a lot of difficulty tending the garden.  They often get teleported away from the garden and generally drop their action queue after harvesting one plant.  If you have a large garden, this can be a real problem!  Gardening is not fun at all with this bug.

Anyhow, the game is still great fun to play.  Billy has been writing a lot of novels.  I get him to drink the Vial of Bliss potion to keep his mood up while writing for extended periods of time, and I have a table set up outside so he can write while Angelina sleeps with her Aura of Creativity on.  This boosts Billy’s creativity while writing, and he’s produced several hits this way.

Karina wished to visit the graveyard on the full moon, so Billy took her there and kept an eye on her to make sure she was safe.

Several people came to mourn, so Billy introduced himself to them and chatted while Karina fished in the little pond for a while.  When she got tired, they headed back home.

Karina encountered a monster under her bed that night, so being a brave sim definitely doesn’t keep the monsters away.

She was terrified and Billy tried to calm her down, but was unable to.  She decided to curl up with him that night instead of sleeping in her own bed.

Billy and Angelina spent all their free time for several days practicing their dancing because I wanted them to learn club dancing.  It used to happen very quickly for me before Supernatural came out, but now it seemed to take about three times as long as usual for them to be able to do club dancing.

Reece helped out with taking care of Damien and tending the bees, but when she completed her lifetime wish, I had her move out of the house.  I needed more room and she wasn’t really developing any character.  I guess it’s just difficult to enjoy the Social Butterfly sims, even when I try real hard.

Damien had his birthday and Angelina was not appropriately dressed for the party because she and Billy had been enjoying some intimate time upstairs when the party started!  lol  I made her get dressed after Damien blew out his candles.

Gayle started working out a lot.  She went jogging whenever she wanted to collect stuff for alchemy, and she also got really good at playing basketball.  She made it look easy!

Soon it was Malina’s birthday.

After blowing out her candles, she quickly changed her hair, put on some make up and picked out some new clothes.

I’m really pleased with the way she turned out!  She’s not the most beautiful sim, but she has a really unique beauty that suits her so well.

I don’t know why her wings aren’t showing in this picture.  Probably because she just got off the school bus and the game was paused.  Anyways, it’s great that she can finally use her fairy abilities.  She projects auras and continues to play tricks.

A couple days after Malina’s birthday, Karina had her birthday.  She was always the prettiest twin, so it wasn’t surprising that she turned out quite stunning.

Malina asked her mom to teach her how to drive.  Unfortunately, she took her mother’s flying vacuum cleaner and flew off with it, leaving her mother at the side of the road, and that didn’t help her learn to drive at all!  I had to set the car as Malina’s preferred vehicle before she would use it with her mother for the driving lessons.

When they’d had enough of driving, they chatted at the side of the road for a while and I discovered that a fairy can brag about their wing colour to another fairy.  The animation is really cute!

During the full moon, Damien had his next birthday and Karina shapeshifted into her werewolf form for the first time since her birthday.  She looks hilarious!

When Damien aged up, I gave him the insane trait just for fun.  His default clothing was crazy for sure!

I gave him a makeover of course.

Malina has terrible table manners in wolf form, but this especially made me laugh!  Billy does this too, but it is somehow funnier when female sims do it.

Angelina decided to try basketball too, but found out it wasn’t as easy as Gayle made it look.  She fell while practicing and I had never seen that happen before.

Malina started working with the chemistry station because she and her sister both sent a rainbow gem off to get a potion to turn their imaginary friends real, but neither of them can go to the science lab to get the potion.  I don’t know if there’s something wrong with the science lab for Moonlight Falls, or if it’s just a bug my sims have.

I still want them to turn their imaginary friends into real sims so I can see what they look like, and decide if they’re fun to play.  I’ll move them out if I don’t like them.

Other than that, not too much has been happening.  I started working on a new house for my sims to live in.  It’s a large mansion with space for all the activities they really enjoy (rather than having the necessary items crammed into any available space).  I’m almost finished, and then I’ll move my sims into the house and upload it after they’ve tested it thoroughly.

Stay tuned for another update in a couple of days!

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