Sims 3 Supernatural music video

I made a video with Sims 3 Supernatural and my husband’s simlish song “Fur Baluu.”  This is my first video done with Sims 3, but it turned out fairly well for a first try.  I hope you’ll like it.

Now that I’ve learned a bit about making videos with Sims 3, I’m hard at work on another one! But I’m also still playing the game for fun and just finished building a large, very expensive mansion for my sims to live in. I’m going to upload it later today.

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2 Responses to Sims 3 Supernatural music video

  1. Rockleyfamily says:

    Love it!! The supernatral toddlers are so cute!!!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks! I love the supernatural toddlers! They can do neat things. I didn’t have my witch toddler when I made this video, but he makes his toys disappear and come back a short time later. It’s really cute!

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