Supernatural Gameplay part 6

As soon as I finished building the new mansion for my sims, I moved them in.  Thankfully they had a lot of money, because the house costs almost a million simoleons!  My alchemist sim earns over §20,000 every time she drops off potions for consignment though, so my sims have no financial concerns at all.

When my sims first moved in, there was a bit of a traffic jam at the front door, so Billy, Angelina and Malina used the back door.  I’m glad, it was nice to watch them use the footpath I worked so hard on!  I used five layers of terrain paint to create the precise look I wanted for it!  All my hard work really paid off though–playing in this house has made playing the game a  lot more fun for me.

As everyone got settled in the house, I took a lot of pictures!  The family really enjoys their new formal dining room, and they actually eat together much more than they ever used to.  Here the fairies are enjoying a meal with Bonehilda (I got the one with a black and white dress for this house, and I like that outfit best.)

Bonehilda has a lot more stuff to do in her spare time.  Like warming her bones at the fireplace.

This is my favourite picture of Bonehilda–a skeleton in the closet 😛

Billy got back to work on his writing.  I was having him work toward a novel writing achievement, but I didn’t earn the badge.  When sims move to a new neighborhood, it resets their counters for the achievements.  Keep that in mind if you’re working toward the writing 80 novels achievement, or other really big ones.

Karina’s lifetime wish is to become a master alchemist, so she got started on her path already.  She’s learning the alchemy skill and making some useful potions before she can be self-employed as an alchemist after she graduates.

Gayle magically upgraded the wardrobe in her bedroom.  This is a lot of fun!  She can travel through the portal in the wardrobe and have interesting adventures in other realms.  She brings back some neat objects from time to time.

Angelina is still working on her dancing.  Here she is doing the smustle in Karina’s bedroom.

She also planted her indoor garden in the new solarium.  The gardening bug still exists in my game, but it’s easier to manage with the indoor gardening.  I’m happy to report that the other bug Angelina had (where her magic meter wouldn’t refill anymore) has been corrected by moving to a new house.

At dinner time, the whole family gathers for a proper meal together.

Finally it was time for their first full moon in the new house!

Billy was writing when the moon rose, so he transformed in the library.

Malina and Angelina hung out all night during the full moon.  I wanted to see where the zombies spawn in the new yard, so I had to keep some sims awake.  They used the potent invigorating elixir to stay awake.

After dancing together for a while, they enjoyed a good pillow fight in Malina’s bedroom.

Their first zombie spawned next to the hot tub.

Karina enjoyed hunting in the back yard.

Billy tried to have some coffee to stay awake, but he passed out on the floor of the playroom!

He decided to take an elixir too, and joined in a pack with Karina to hunt for some good treasure in the yard.

Later, he and Angelina enjoyed a nightcap in the livingroom.

The next night was prom night for the twins.  They got all dressed up, but neither of them had a date for the dance.

Karina got dressed in a frilly blouse and skirt, but she changed into her regular clothes before leaving–I guess she’s too much of a tomboy for skirts and frilly things.

Malina won the prom queen title and Karina got in two fistfights during the dance!  She did end up with an unwanted boyfriend though.  She had to invite him over and break up with him the next day.

Malina had a little mishap while working with the chemistry set!

She finally succeeded in making the potions to turn their imaginary friends into real sims though.

Karina turned Jordan into a real sim.

Here’s how he looked after a makeover.

Malina’s imaginary friend, Lorne, didn’t need much of a makeover (other than new clothes).

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims!

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