Supernatural Gameplay part 7

Forgive me for taking so long to post another update.  I had a glitch that caused Billy’s werewolf appearance to become corrupted, and he kept changing his appearance while transformed into werewolf form.  This glitch was triggered by using the dresser to make a new outfit for him.  Due to the moon resetting glitch, I hadn’t actually made it to a full moon in several sim days to notice the glitch had occurred.  It was completely unacceptable to me to lose Billy’s werewolf form, so I had to go back through my previous save files to find the last one where his appearance was normal–which is how I figured out that the dresser triggered it.  The dresser can also reset a sim’s age or change it randomly, can cause witches and fairies to lose some or all of their abilities, and probably poses other risks as well.  If you need to use the mirror or dresser, make sure you make a new save first because you may need to go back if you experience a bug.

I ended up losing twelve sim days of progress due to this bug.  My last save game where Billy’s werewolf appearance was as it should be was before I turned the imaginary friends real.  That’s fine, they were annoying anyways.  I decided to delete them and forget about them!  That’s the only good part about having to go back so far.

I decided to create a male fairy for Malina to date when she got older, so I created Darian Dow and moved him into town.  Malina met Darian and they got along very well.  They spent time dancing together often.

Karina enjoyed being a typical brooding teen, spending time alone in her bedroom contemplating the emptiness of life or something.

Gayle enjoyed a few adventures in the magically upgraded wardrobe.  That definitely was inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia, though it is interesting to send sims through the magic portal and see what kinds of items they might bring back.

Billy had a lot of novel writing to catch up on when I had to go back to an earlier save, so Angelina decided to take up painting.  She painted near Billy so they could both benefit from the aura of creativity.

She has already painted several masterpieces and brilliant paintings.  I haven’t decided yet if I want to keep them and decorate the house with them, so for now she’s holding onto all her work.

I found that using Malina’s aura of soothing and Angelina’s aura of creativity while they’re sleeping in the fairy house is especially handy for Billy’s writing.  He gets the boost in creativity and +40 toward his mood because Malina has already maxed out her fairy abilities.

Billy earned the Master of the Literary Arts achievement and wrote several bestselling novels, including a best selling masterpiece!  He’s continuing to work toward the achievement for writing 80 novels.

When he’s not writing, he goes out fishing to prevent from going stir crazy.

He maxed his fishing skill and caught all the types of fish needed for potions.  Now the family has four aquariums for breeding their favourite types: the vampire fish, the deathfish, fairy damsels, and luminous salamanders.  They’ve bred enough luminous salamanders to be able to stock the pond with them.  Soon they’ll be able to add fairy damsels and deathfish to their backyard pond.

Of course, Billy and Angelina enjoy plenty of quality time together as well.  It’s important to keep their social needs taken care of while they’re working on their creative projects.

Bonehilda sometimes enjoys quite time with the kitty.

I noticed that the garden at the old house is growing properly (continues to produce fruits and vegetables after the first harvest), so Angelina goes over there to harvest the garden every few days.  The annoying gardening bug also causes plants on the home lot to stop producing after their first harvest.  I added a community garden as well, to get around that bug.

Karina is working toward becoming a master alchemist, so she has begun mixing potions into drinks to leave them out for people, when she doesn’t want them to be angry about the potions she tests on them.

She doesn’t like to test her creations on her family members.  One time she created the Origin of the Tragic Clown potion and left it on the counter at the potion shop.  I had to wait a while, but finally a townie decided to help herself to it.

Finally it was Damien’s birthday and he became a teen.  I decided to give him the evil trait to go along with his insanity.

He went to the prom by himself (the girls stayed home because they didn’t want to deal with the drama of unwanted boyfriends).  He found a girlfriend during the prom and enjoyed his first kiss with her.

Gayle has been working hard to complete her lifetime wish of curing 12 supernatural sims.  The full moon is a perfect opportunity to work on this, because curing zombies always counts toward the wish, while curing some other types of supernaturals doesn’t count for some reason.

Malina had her birthday and became a young adult.  They had a huge party for her.

During the party, she became romantically involved with Darian and had her first kiss with him.

Shortly after the party ended, my sims needed to call a repairman because Bonehilda had been electrocuted seven times in a row while trying to fix the dishwasher.  She was dismissed to get some rest in her coffin, and the repairman came over.  He didn’t have any better luck than she did, and he died.

Unfortunately, this repairman was a good friend of Billy, Angelina and Gayle, so they were quite sad when he died.  I decided to bring him back to life.  Gayle went over to the cemetery to get his remains (and decided to grab an extra corpse for trying out the reanimation ritual later).

She took Earl’s remains to the science lab and had him brought back as a ghost.

Then it was time for Malina’s graduation!  She put on a funny cap for the ceremony.

The whole family went to the school for Malina’s graduation ceremony, even Earl the ghost.

Later that night, Gayle prepared Ambrosia for Earl and fed it to him.

He came back to life and was promptly kicked out of the house!  I never wanted him to stay of course.

That night Malina and Darian officially became a couple.

They enjoyed some intimate time in the fairy house.  I finally got to see what happens when fairies woohoo in the fairy house.

It’s pretty much what you would expect.

During the next full moon, Gayle had nearly completed her lifetime wish for curing zombies, but needed one more.  So she pulled out her old friend’s grave and did the reanimation ritual.

Strangely enough, two zombies came out.  I don’t know if that’s something that can happen when you do the reanimation ritual, or if it was just a fluke.  She cured them both and got her lifetime wish completed.  I’m hoping she’ll earn the badge for curing 15 supernaturals soon.

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims in a day or two!

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