Supernatural Gameplay part 8

Gayle’s snake died, so she caught a grey parrot.  It’s a nice bird.  Gayle and Damien have taught it to speak in happy and love ways so far.

While Malina is still living at home, she has been writing a few fantasy novels with her dad on the deck.  They both benefit from Angelina’s aura of creativity and Malina’s aura of soothing.

Soon it was Karina’s birthday!  She skipped school to throw a birthday party.  She got scolded by her older sister, but Malina let her off the hook right away because it was her birthday and all.

I am unable to change Karina’s wolf form appearance, so she has shorter, straight hair in her wolf form.  However, she doesn’t look as bad as she did as a teen in wolf form!  LOL

The day after her birthday, Karina had her graduation ceremony.  She wore the proper graduation cap, unlike Malina.  I don’t know why Malina wore the funny cap, but perhaps it has something to do with being the class valedictorian?

Karina was voted Most Likely to Offend Others, which I thought was perfect because she is an inappropriate sim.

Billy was late for the ceremony because he wanted to transform back to human before attending his daughter’s graduation, but he did make it in time.

Gayle began training Damien in the magical arts by challenging him to spellcasting duels.

He lost almost every time, but he gained magic experience rapidly through these training sessions.

Soon it was time for Malina and Darian’s wedding.  Karina decided to get her sister back for all the fairy pranks by setting up a little prank of her own.  She mixed seven different potions into drinks and left them out for party guests to drink.  Some had mild negative effects and some were positive.

The drinks were placed primarily in the livingroom, with a few in other locations that party guests enjoy.

The bride-to-be on her wedding day.

The party got started and Billy, Angelina and Gayle were all dancing on the deck.

Malina greeted her groom at the front door.

The wedding was on a full moon, which is a family tradition, so Karina, Billy and several of the guests transformed to their wolf form.

Shortly after all the guests arrived and had a little time to enjoy some small talk with each other, the wedding ceremony got underway.

Darian was playing with his fairy powers a little while Gayle blasted a zombie with the sunlight charm, and then Malina and Darian were married.

I didn’t capture any screenshots of the wedding ceremony because I recorded video of it instead (I’m gathering material for a new music video).

Here’s a picture of Malina cutting the cake.

My sims had some trouble with a guest, Marigold Moldano, who was going around slapping people for no reason.  So Damien blasted her with a fire spell.

Everyone gathered in the livingroom to dance and party.

Malina and Darian started getting a little frisky with one another, and they went upstairs to enjoy some private time together.  Unfortunately, Marigold barged into the room and attempted to slap Malina!

Karina drank the Midas Touch potion to get Marigold back, but the party ended, so Karina had to follow her home and deal with her across town.  She gave Marigold the Midas Touch and turned her to solid gold.

This was funny, but not fatal.

Back at home, Malina and Darian decided to try for a baby in the fairy house.

Malina did get pregnant, and she wore the buggy dress during her pregnancy.

Soon it was time for her to give birth.  It was a full moon again because I had restarted the game on a new day, which resets the moon all the time.  (I hope they fix that soon.)

They had a girl and named her Chandra (which means moon).  Chandra has the excitable trait, but I left the other trait slot open for more interesting traits as she gets older.

Malina looked a bit sad as she brought Chandra home.  Perhaps it’s because she had arranged to let Billy and Angelina adopt the baby before she and Darian moved out on their own.  I want to continue playing Billy and Angelina, and I also want to continue with the next generation, so I thought it would be good if they adopt their first grandchild.

Malina and Darian moved out on their own after bringing Chandra home.

Billy and Angelina immediately got acquainted with their granddaughter.

It looks like Bonehilda will have some stiff competition when it comes to taking care of little Chandra!

Angelina started making crystal skulls and giant crystal balls with the gems they’ve collected so far.  Here’s a giant crystal ball moon gem for the livingroom.

The bathroom of the master suite is decorated with bloodstones, so Angelina made a bloodstone crystal skull to display there.

Many of the crystal skulls will be sold at the consignment store because they’re not needed for decorating the home.

Damien is almost ready to graduate, so he decided to finally learn how to drive.

Karina threw a house party and decided to invite Marigold so she could be tortured some more.  Karina turned her to gold with the Midas Touch again.  Later, she threw an Age of Instant potion at her and turned her to gold a third time!  lol

Malina and Darian came to the party and had a great time together.  Karina also threw a Procreation Elixir at them, in hopes that they would try for another baby when they get back home.

The party ended and Marigold was still a statue on the deck for a while longer!

I wonder if she’s learned her lesson yet about being a better party guest?  Stay tuned for another update on my supernatural sims 🙂

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