Supernatural Gameplay part 9

Angelina has taken up sculpting because I’m hoping she can unlock the sculptor’s egg gem cut and be able to do it with the gem cutter.  That egg cut is one of the nicest ones, and is definitely my favourite cut for the fluorite gems.  Currently I’m cutting them with the sun cut, but I want the egg cut again.

Billy has been catching a lot of clownfish for Karina to use in potions because my favourite potion is the Tragic Clown potion.  I like to have plenty on hand for using on random sims as well as sending to my sims friends through the new in-game gifting system.

Soon baby Chandra aged up into a toddler and became the officially cutest sim in my game ever!

Billy taught her to walk.

Angelina taught her how to talk right away too.

Angelina has been getting a lot more enjoyment out of her indoor gardening when I just delete all the plants after the first harvest.  I’ve waited a long time and if you have the gardening bug, there’s no use in waiting.  They will only produce one harvest, so just delete them after you harvest them the first time, and plant new seeds right away.

Damien ran a bit late one night when he was turning in some alchemy items for an opportunity he had, and he got busted by the cops.  The police man had very pretty fairy wings!  I’ve never had a sim busted by a fairy cop before.  LOL

Billy scolded Damien and grounded him, and Damien got the idea to start a life of crime after graduation.  He wants to become a Master Thief.

Chandra enjoys playing the xylophone a lot!  Perhaps she’ll become a musician when she grows up, but there’s plenty of time for her to find out what she’s passionate in life.  For now, she’s just the best at being cute.

The Attack With The Claw interaction seems a lot more scary when Grandpa has his claws out!

Billy and Karina have fun hunting during the full moon.

I really love this outfit for inappropriate sims!  Karina usually wears this while in her werewolf form and it gives me the giggles every time 🙂

Soon it was Gayle’s birthday.  Everyone was invited, including Malina and Darian, Reece, and Earl (the once dead repairman).

As planned, she moved out shortly after blowing out her candles.  We didn’t need an extra witch around, and she looks pretty rough now that she’s aged up!  Poor girl.

Karina’s parents started pestering her to find a mate and get married.  As luck (and CAS) would have it, a new werewolf came to town.  His name is Trey Logan, and Karina hit it off with him right away.  Soon she started talking about her feelings.

And comparing teeth with her new boyfriend.

She brought him home right away!

Trey got settled in pretty quickly, and everyone in the family seemed to like him a lot.  He’s an aspiring musician.

When Damien graduated from high school, the whole family attended and I saw that Chandra’s wings were in front of the car as the family drove to the ceremony!  That’s just weird.

Damien was the class valedictorian, but he wore a normal cap, so I still don’t know why Malina wore that silly hat to graduation.  Damien was voted Most Likely to be Mediocre, which made me laugh!  It could be true, but I’m hoping an insane master thief will be fun to play.

Karina really loved Trey’s wolf form.

She asked him to marry her.

They got started on making a family right away.

In other news, I’ve been turning all the extra gems into crystal skulls and found that the turquoise crystal skull is absolutely perfect for the mantle in Karina’s bedroom!

The next night, Karina and Trey went out dancing, where they ran into Malina and Darian.

Billy and Angelina enjoyed some quiet time with everyone else, other than Chandra, out doing stuff.

Karina bragged to her sister about the great man she met and got engaged to.  Malina was very excited for her.

Karina threw up when she got home!  She soon discovered that she’s pregnant.  She wants to have a girl, but I’m actually hoping they’ll have a boy.

Thankfully that night was the full moon, so she could finally marry Trey.  They threw a big party and invited all their favourite guests.

Reece showed up not feeling quite well.  Hahahaha!

Damien cured her, but unfortunately it made Reece leave the party early.

The only other disappointment about the wedding was that pregnant werewolves can’t transform.  I think EA should’ve made it possible for them to transform because werewolves are supposed to be powerless to resist the transformation during the full moon.  Otherwise, this was the greatest full moon wedding ever!!

Karina had a serious craving for wedding cake.

She was eager to cut into that delicious-looking cake!

Then the Guest of Honour showed up!

I thought the look Trey was giving the Grim Reaper was pretty funny, but the next thing you know…

How epic!

Billy and Grimmy had a friendly chat too.  I caught that on video.

Afterward, Malina and Karina danced together.

Billy and Trey were hunting in the yard.

Finally, in the morning, Karina was able to get a slice of wedding cake!

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims, coming soon!

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